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  1. I'd guess there is a blank line at the end of the php file that is calling these scripts, that often causes these sorts of problems.
  2. Just as a comment - a tracert from dnsstuff won't actually help. That's telling you information about the route between the dnsstuff server and your site - it tells you nothing about the route between your computer and your site.
  3. I think is you unpack via a script - it will be owned by nobody. If you unpack via the cpanel file manager it will be owned by you.
  4. I expect great value for money - and I get it Personally, all my tickets are answered quickly. PMs etc are not a method of support, so I never use them and can't comment. As for IM's there is usually at least one of the Guru's available. If you think the world is better elsewhere, I suggest you go there instead of whining here.
  5. I thought they said come out for "Sushi" not "Susie"
  6. My, what big whiskers you have grandma !!
  7. There's no need to put your nose in the air in that aloof manner - just because I didn't put on my ballgown for the evening
  8. What do you mean, it's not fancy dress !!!
  9. Not on mine either. Are there some good scripts in it ?
  10. You mean we don't get any clues? I'd ask for a nice RAID backup drive, but you've already done that. How about some extra bandwidth? I always have this problem at Christmas to, I never know what I want
  11. You picked a fine time to leave me lou Seal
  12. At least you don't have 2 left feet like my last dancing partner
  13. Thanks for the answer and friendly welcome
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