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  1. you should get an e-mail that has a link in it that you go to to complete your billing, I "think" you can check all your billing info there, if that doesnt work send an e-mail to billing@totalchoicehosting.com and if all else fails take a look at this thread and see all the ways you can contact someone in support. Methods of support
  2. if you use internet explorer just go to ftp.domainname.com, once the page loads click on file and then log in as, enter the name and password and hit enter name has to be username@******
  3. you have to use an ftp client or internet explorer for them to log in, they wont have any type of cpanel
  4. go to your cpanel and create a subdomain for each sister. ex: sister1, sister2,sister3 etc. now go to the ftp section and create an ftp account for each sister, in the directory portion enter sister1 for sister 1, sister2 for sister2 and so on. if you have aproblem you can ask me on aim, screen name is leezardmik, i can walk yo thru it
  5. yeah, i meant to say that was an e-mail i recieved today, the redirect thing sounds like thats probably what they do.
  6. I know this is a scam of some sort, just wondering if anyone knows how this actually works. I know AOL uses keywords for sites and sites can purchase keywords so that when you enter that keyword you only go to that site. How would this work on the "regular" internet. Your website http://www.x-trememodz.com/ meta tag keywords are available from our service. We are targeting your industry today! You are guaranteed to be in the number one position for a full year using our patented internet display advertising system. To learn more, click here or Call us at 800-xxx-xxxx When your keyword or phrase is entered your page will automatically open up and your competitors site will not. This new system doesn't allow anyone to "outbid" you. You own your keyword(s) or phrase(s) for a full year. You can choose which search engines they operate on like Google, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and more, plus you can even choose regions within the search engines. This new service costs only a fraction of the price that you would pay a normal pay per click advertising or search engine optimization!!! You don't have to wait weeks or months to get this position, just hours. Get in on the ground floor and have the best season you have ever had! Take control of your business! To learn more, click here or Call us at 800-xxx-xxxx Remember, when a word or phase is sold it will not be available for another year, and only if the buyer chooses not to renew it, so act now!
  7. if you have a subdomain for each user, the super user he wants to have would have to log in with a different password for each subdomain. Putting them all in one folder lets the superuser log ion one time and have access to them all.
  8. yup thats correct, you can direct link to any file on your site. for instance lets say you wanted to be able to show someone just ONE picture.. upload it to your site in whatever folder you want (as long as it is in the public directory) then if you want to link directly to it you would use www.domainname.com/imagename.jpg if you wanted to make a whole page full of pics you could either make a folder that has its own index.htm file or you could make your page and instead of calling it index call it mypics.html, upload everything to your site then access it www.****/mypics.html
  9. if you ftp to (using my site as an example) ftp.x-trememodz.com anonymously the public html directory is where it will ut you, with upload only access.
  10. ok i just tested it to make sure it would work. in public_html i made a folder called test, in the test folder i made three more folders..testa, testb and testc Then created an ftp acount for test with the directory being /test, created one for each subfolder with the directory being test/testa, test/testb etc. testa-c all had access to their folders and nothing else, test had access to all three folders within the test directory and nothing else. I know its not exactly what you were after, but hopefully it will help.
  11. Dont think there is a way to do it outside the public_html folder, what I would do is create a folder inside the punblic_html folder and just for example call it ftp. Then create folders withing the ftp folder for each company, set up each user with ftp access to their folders and set you superuser up with access to the /ftp folder. That doesnt seperate them entirely from your public_html folder, but it does keep them all contained and also doesnt allow your super user access to anything but the ftp folder.
  12. I've been trying to add some java script to a block that i want displayed on my site, but every time i would create the block and hit save it would kick me back to the home page and not save the block. I tried everything, then i would give up, then i would try again a few days later only to give up. So i started doing some searching and heres what i found. If you want to create a block that uses java script, using your favorite editor (i use Dreamweaver MX) create a php file with your java script in it, name it block-whatevername.php and then upload it to your blocks folder in you phpnuke root directory. now go to your block admin page and in the create a new block section click on the drop down menu titled custom and select the name of the block you just created and hit save, now your block including java script will display.
  13. A lot of the hardware review sites i visit have started using that, dunno if/how it works but i've been considering it.
  14. family matters "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" (this ones kind of obscure, but I STILL love this show!
  15. hawai 5-0 "whatyou talkin bout willis?"
  16. peanut butter!!!! I LOVE penanut butter, straight outta the jar!!!!
  17. The Lone ranger "riddle me this _______" couldnt put the name in, it would give it away
  18. yup that is correct turtle
  19. Last month I bought a cheap Intel system for my wife (I dont know if its the cheap part or the intel part that is bad) Anyway, 2 days ago the motherboard died so I go to contact the company I bought it from, they are no longer answering e-mail, no longer answering the phone or anything, and apparently are having charges filed on them. Sooo I contact the manufacturer of the motherboard and let them know the situation and they say "sorry we cant help you" Mad!!! So now I'm out a more money then i can actually afford and have a dead PC, I hate comuters sometimes.....ok well not really....I hate big companies that dont back up their products even tho it has a 3 year warranty
  20. matman is right, thats someone exploitong the built in messenger, disabling it is easy enuff just follow that link ^^^
  21. that ones easy, Shazam TV show from the 70's most ppl think Shazam was the name of the super hero, but it was actuall captain marvel "Dynoooooomite!"
  22. leezard


    "I'm not dead yet!" "I feel happy!, I think I'll go for a walk"
  23. heres the source code for that left nav bar, you can just change it to whatever links you need. Of course you would probably want to change the colors and everything also. ><table CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" BORDER="0" VALIGN="TOP"> <tr VALIGN="TOP"> <td WIDTH="12" VALIGN="BOTTOM" ALIGN="LEFT" BGCOLOR="999999"><img BORDER="0" SRC="http://www.squackle.com/images/CornBL.jpg"></td> <td BGCOLOR="999999" VALIGN="TOP"><table CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="0"> <tr BGCOLOR="999999"> <td BGCOLOR="999999" ALIGN="CENTER"><font FACE="" SIZE="" COLOR="#FFFFFF"> <br> </font> <p ALIGN="LEFT"> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/shop.html"><img SRC="http://www.squackle.com/images/squackshop.jpg"></a> <p ALIGN=Left> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/submit/submit.shtml">Submit To Squackle</a> <p ALIGN=Left> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/aboutus.html">About Us</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/awards.html">Awards</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi">Bulletin Board</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/chats/chats.html">Chat Room Stuff</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/dictionary/dictionary.html">Dictionary</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/download/download.html">Downloads</a><br> <a HREF="http://htmlgear.lycos.com/guest/control.guest?u=davepoobond&i=1&a=view">Guestbook</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/holidays/holidays.html">Holiday Stuff</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/jokes/jokes.html">Jokes</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/links.html">Links</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/junk/junk.html">Other Junk</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/pictures/pictures.html">Pictures</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/poems/poems.html">Poems</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/qc/qc.html">Questionable Content</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/SBC/SBC.html">SBC</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/screwedup/chronicles.html">Screwed Up Chronicles</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/history.html">Site History</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/songs/songs.html">Songs</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/arcade/arcade.html">Squackle Arcade</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/guides/guides.html">Squackle Guides</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/network.html">Squackle! Network</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/quiz.html">Squackle Quiz</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/squotes/squotes.html">Squackle Quotes</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/sportsarena/sportsarena.html">Squackle Sports Arena</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/stories/stories.html">Stories</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/IMs/IMs.html">Stupid IMs</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/videogames/videogames.html">Video Games</a><br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/winaward.html">Win Our Award</a><br> <br> <br> <a HREF="http://www.squackle.com/submit/submit.shtml">Submit To Squackle</a></td> </tr> </table> </td>
  24. you can only point a 2nd,3rd,4th url etc at your main page. example, you cant have one domain name point to www.mysite.com and another domain name point to www.mysite.com/folder. Both domains have to point to the same page. The only way to have multiple domains pointing to different folders is with a reseller account.
  25. Get Smart "We can rebuild him, faster, better, stronger"
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