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  1. there are a lot of wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) html editors a LOT of people here use cute site builder, you can get a free trial of it at download.com, you can also just do a search for html editors at download and you'll have a ton to try out. I use dreamweaver MX, theres a trial version of it at macromedia.com
  2. heh turtle i tried index-logo, Index-logo, index_logo, Index_logo, logo and Logo
  3. ok, you only need to name one file index.html and that is your main page. for the logo is it also uploaded into your public_html folder or is it in another folder within the public folder?
  4. or...if you have already uploaded your webpage and cant see it, rename the main page of your site to index and then re upload it
  5. you dont have an index.html all i can see is the directory. make a simple html page that just says test or something, name it index.html and upload it to your public_html folder and see if you can see it
  6. just dont delete either of them
  7. the only real problem i had is mozilla and netscape randomly utilizing %100 of my CPU resources. I could be surfing, with just one browser open and nothing else and all the sudden everythig slows to a crawl, check my resources and the browser is at %100. Shut down the browser and re open it and its fine for a while
  8. I've tried firebird also, just didnt like it
  9. I have nothing but problems with mozilla
  10. Slick Deals Tech Bargains The Free Stuff times Buy.Sale.Trade used PC stuff
  11. I just went to the forums on the ripthejacker.net site and was able to post with no problems.
  12. if you mean you want to link to another page you'll have to create your nav menu as a block and use HTML. Thats how I fo it and its much easier to put whatever you want into your navigation menu rather than trying to add it ti the nav module.
  13. heh, I plan on switching to linux, just waiting on some CD's
  14. That may be true, but it runs better than mozilla,netscape or ie on my PC and uses less resources
  15. three circus clowns and a out of work mime plotted to...
  16. In my newest Maximum PC magazine they had a browser included on the CD that comes with the nagazine called MyIE2. I've started using it and I LOVE it!! It combines a lot of features of other browsers like tabbed browsing, google bar support, pop up blocking etc and it is VERY "light weight" the full download is less than 2 megs. I have been using Netscape and mozilla off and on but I noticed netscape was running my PC at %100 percent sytem resources most of the time and I have been looking for a lighter, less resource hungry browser. Check it out if you get a chance. MyIE2
  17. None of these cars are mine, but some day a few of them will be!!! 1970 'Cuda 1971 Hemi 'Cuda convertable (68 camaro in the background) 1969 El Camino Super Sport 1969 Camaro Super Sport
  18. thanks for the tips and linkage, still debating on whether to do it or not.
  19. Not sure I understand the question, but if you are trying to forward an e-mail from one account to another go to your cpanel at http://Decorativeartsbyjep.com/cpanel and under the e-mail section click forwarders. once that opens click add forwarder, type in the account name and choose the domain (if you dont have any subdomains set up your domain name will be the only choice) type in the address you want to forward it to, and click add forward. If thats not the answer you were looking for you can pm , e-mail or catch me on AIM if you have it, my screenname is leezardmik and I'll see if i can help ya out.
  20. what PHP script are you setting up?
  21. You will get an temp address to access your site, heres what I would do. order your plan and start uploading your site, once you get it all set up and make sure everything is working the way you want it to then change the DNS of your domain name to point to your site a TCH, it takes a day or so for the DNS to propogate so some visitors will see the site at your old host and some will see the site at your new host for the first few days. After that I would wait about a week and then you can cancell your account with the other host, doing it that way your site is never cown and your visitors never even know you moved.
  22. You can submit a help desk ticket and they can "park" the 2nd domain on top of your first so that if someone goes to either one of them they will end up at the same page.
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