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  1. also, to break what you posted earlier down.... Yes thats the code that makes the link to the homepage yes the <a href=" is the code for starting a link You got it, /page/page/670086.htm is the home page, since the page being linked to is within this site and not an external link it doesnt need the http://www.blahblahblah, it just needs the relative path (the path to the file in relation to the location of the file the link is on) this is just what is says, this little section of code is a link yes this stops something, the clue is the a, the beginning of your code was <a href=" (that opened the code) the </a> closes it so that your browser knows that the code for this particular link stops here. This is probably part of the table code, you can make tables span horizontaly and veitcally
  2. and to answer your question, yes those are all seperate scripts put together to form one page, TCH provides all of those scripts, its just up to you to put them together. I could probaly help ya get started if you need it.
  3. you have an online store right? TCH provides a fully functional online store that auto installs itself and can be fully customized. Heres a link to one i just installed while typing this out, keep in mind it hasnt been customized in any shape form or fashion, its just the basic defaults with default colors etc. http://x-trememodz.com/sample/ Is that smething you could work with?
  4. yup, probably has the soundstorm onboard audio....it's better then most sound cards. I've got two SWEET sound cards comming this week for review i cant wait
  5. office? I'm at my house I wish i had an office....all my comouter stuff is in the kitchen
  6. Dont know if you can use it, but there is that exac page minus the images index.htm
  7. I had installed netpbm for my site and never heard that it wasnt allowed, so I dont see why you couldnt install it. Imagemagik is also pre installed on all servers
  8. if your current host uses cpanel chances are they will be able to copy everything over
  9. Thanks for taking care of the database ticket!! Didnt wanna reply on the ticket cuz last time i did that it re opened it
  10. hehe I know ALL about shopping your your four legged family members, we have 4 wiener dogs and one mix breed that was my moms that now THINKS she is a wiener dog. I love garage sales, the same one I got the monitor from had a laser copier that they claimed works but it looked like it had been in an attic for a few years, If I didnt already have a scanner and printer I dont use i probably would have bought it to
  11. also, once your account is activated you will recieve an e-mail with the dns server names as well as a temorary URL to access your site and start uploading it (something like this
  12. Something I aquired on the way home from the store gave me the idea for this topic. Whats something you have bought or traded for that you got a REALLY good deal on? doesnt have to be computer related. I stopped at a garage sale this morning and bought a 17" monitor for $5
  13. lol, me and my best friend built a camaro that did a good job of keeping the front two wheels off the ground
  14. I'm trying to update a table in a database with an sql dump (I think thats the right terminollogy) Anyway, the sql file is 5.5 MB and it keeps timing out (i'm on dial up) anyway to have a support tech install it?
  15. wow, that script is huge!! but it does all I need and then some, AWESOME find, thanks a lot!
  16. thanks, I've been lookin on nuke sites for the past few hours and hadnt seen this one yet, I'll give it a look. Thumbs Up
  17. Ok, heres the deal, I maintain a site for a guild in EverQuest, anyway the site itself uses PHPNuke as the content management system. What I want to do is create a page within PHPnuke using the phpnuke database that will let registered members update their own characters, things like race, level class etc.. only problem i see with usng the phpnuke user database is some ppl that arent members of the guild would also be able to log into the roster and add their characters as well. Any suggestions on where to start? I have never tried anything like this.
  18. I never could get entropy banner to work, I did however find an awesome banner script that is totally free and so many features i never did figure them all out. http://www.phpadsnew.com/one/
  19. one of the ways I learned/still learning HTML is to look at source code. I've never had the patience for a tutorial. So after learning basic HTML, I surf around and find something I think looks cool and try and figure out how it works. In Mozilla if you want to see the source click View>Page source, same applies for Netscape its the same in IE except it is View>source. I learn faster by taking somethng apart than I do building it from scratch
  20. There has to be some type of connection to pass data, whether it is a wireless or wired connection.
  21. most editors have a "preview in browser" feature so that you can see what it will look like in a browser. I'm not 100% certain but i think cute site builder doesnt have that feature, I've never used it so cant say for sure. and you pretty much nailed it, create the page and then upload it to your public_html folder, you can do that with the file manager in cpanel or with the built in FTP (file transfer protocol) in most editors. One thing to remember is you need to have an index.html, or index.php if you dont have an index all ppl will see are directories.
  22. glad to help, not sure if you are doing your site in html or with a wysiwyg editor but heres my next tip. if you want to make that image a link to the next page of your site you would make the code look like this. ><p><a href="index2.html"> <img src="Index-logo.jpg" width="300" height="300"></img></a></p> this is assuming the page you were linking to is called index2.html, if it isnt you would just replace that with whatever the name of the file is
  23. Just a little tip here since you said your new to this in your HTML change this. ><title>index.html</title> to ><title>Your Site Name</title> or whatever you want, thats what displayes on the title bar in your browser
  24. well i see you have an image now! your gettin there!! Dance
  25. well I'm not a support guru but I'm pretty sure it isnt ldap, there was talk of implemeting an ldap server before. I know its not much help but maybe it can at least help narrow the choices down.
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