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  1. it will clear itself up after a few minutes, I used to run the tech department at an isp and it happens a lot when ppl get disconnected in the middle of downloading messages.
  2. my own personal experience with phpbb forums and avatars has been a pain in my butt!! The default paths for the avatars never worked and no matter what path i tried they never worked correctly. I finally disabled the user uploaded avatar function, and all i allow is linking to off site avatars or choosing from the ones i provide.
  3. I could use an extra CPU here TCH Rocks www.x-trememodz.com Anything but beige....Go X-treme!!
  4. sounds like thats the same type of "toolbar" that you can get at alexa.com only diference is alexa doesnt charge for listings
  5. where it asks for a folder name leave it blank, that should put it in your public_html folder, if that doesnt work try putting a \ in the space where it asks for a folder name.
  6. have you tried creating your own forms in a program like dreamweaver or frontpage?
  7. its not buggy, its just a pain to upgrade due to the many different forums used with nuke 6.0
  8. honestly your better off installing a fresh version of 6.5. Some 6.0 version used splatt forums and some used toms bbtonuke forums, and still others used phpbb. So getting the right upgrade is the key factor. 6.5 is easy to install, download it from phpnuke.org and then get the installer here http://nukecops.com/downloads-cat-1.html another thing you might want to download is the analyzer, it will check to make sure you have DB connectivity, it will also let you know if there are any security holes in your code. you can get it here http://nukecops.com/downloads-file-13-deta...s-Analyzer.html
  9. leezard


    just fyi, the phpnuke install from the cpanel is EASY!!! I had already uploaded and configured phpnuke before i saw that it was included in the cpanel....coulda saved myself a lot of time. Only thing i didnt like about the included phpnuke is it uses splatt forums instead of phpbb, BUT phpbb is also included in the cpanel
  10. my previous host had 4 dns names, when i switched to TCH I deleted the names for 3 and 4 and added TCH's domain name servers as the 1st 2 hope that makes sense
  11. I gave up trying to find an irc script that worked the way i wanted so i just did this. Created and registered a channel on whatever irc server I wanted, then added this link in my navigation irc://irc.us.gamesnet.net:6667/xtrememodz It requires that the person wanting to chat have an irc client installed on their local system, but it works better than most scripts i have tried. If you insist on using a script jirc works well www.jpilot.com but you have to pay for it.
  12. nope, no caps...working dial up support as long as i did thats one of the 1st thing i asked ppl..."do you have any caps in your username or password?"
  13. NM...i feel stupid now, even tho it doesnt make sense. I tryed a different isp and it works, so its because dns hasnt resolved on the other isp, altho it doesnt make sense that outlook would work on the other isp??
  14. I have about 6 different e-mail address set up for my site and for some reason if i check them with outlook they work perfectly but if i use OE they wont connect to the mail server. I used to work support at an isp so i have been over OE backwards and forwards, deleting and recreating the accounts to no avail. Anyone got any ideas in case i missed something?
  15. I was able to add e-mail addresses as soon as my account was active. I cant check them thru outlook yet (I'm assuming DNS must resolve first) but they can be accessed thru webmail using the temp url and they do work. I just signed up yesterday and wanted to make sure my site worked like it should before i transfered the DNS. you get a temp URL to access your site.
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