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  1. My recommendation is to find out what the IP addresses are for both the old mail server and the new one at TCH. Then put the TCH IP address into your mail client's setup instead of your domain name. That way you'll always know that you're checking mail on the TCH server, and you're not at the mercy of your ISP's DNS server. Then, if you like, you can create a second mail account on your client to check the old server (again, by IP address) until it stops receiving any mail. The basic fact is that for a week or so, sometimes more, while transferring domains your domain name is not a reliable way of reaching a specific server.
  2. In the sense of "Is such a thing possible in the world of the internet?" the answer would be "yes, it is." If you mean "Can I do this here at TCH?" the answer is almost certainly "no, you can't." Matter of fact, if you wanted to do that you'd almost have to get your very own web and DNS servers, or at least rent a dedicated server from somebody.
  3. Well luckily I don't work here, so no worries on that front. ROCK!
  4. You (or some talented programmer) could probably create a script to do this. Since you can read and set permissions within the FTP protocol it wouldn't be all THAT hard.
  5. That deal with having a seperate userid and password for the helpdesk confused me at first also. It would be a great idea (in what I'm sure is the TONS of spare time y'all have there ) to get the account creation script to automatically create a helpdesk user with the same password as the main website user. It seems like a source for confusion otherwise.
  6. Oh, wow, last time a web hosting company said that to me I got laid off a week later! Here's hoping (and trusting) that this news is better!
  7. No way you can do this with permission set to 755. The last number there ("5"), represents the "world" permission. A permission of "5" means they can read and execute the file, but not write. For PHP to programmatically write to the file, you will normally need to set the permissions to 666 (or 766, although if it's just a text file there's no particular reason you'd need that first "7" since you'd never try to execute it as a program. Good luck!
  8. IF you don't get approved for an SSH account, I would suggest using the "run SQL statement" feature in phpMyAdmin to test MySQL queries. It runs them just like at a prompt and gives you the raw MySQL response (rows affected, returns a rowset, or an error message). You can either paste your statement into the web interface or point it to the path of a file on your machine containing the query. As for Perl, not sure what to tell you there. Shell definitely has its advantages for Perl, and it is also habit-forming!
  9. Perhaps you could try providing a more elaborate technical reason why you need SSH access.
  10. I looked at the sample of the theme -- why would anyone want this? It LOOKS very nice, but the buttons are just all there, in no particular order. It would be very hard to find what you need, compared to the Blue Lagoon theme where everything is grouped into a few logical categories. Much more user-friendly, even if it's not as "cool" looking.
  11. Here are some good DNS tools: http://www.mob.net/~ted/tools/ Our own TCH And DNS explanations: DNS glossary And online traceroute sites: Carnegie-Mellon University University of Maryland CarpeNet ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) TCH tools available in a pop-up from here.
  12. Well, you have to understand that tech support is not going to be able to give you much support (if any) in configuring third-party apps and in coding applications of your own. Some may or may not even have the expertise, but the main issue is that it's just not their function. From my experience working in tech support, if you reach just a little bit past your job, you often end up getting yanked into a bad situation trying to support something you shouldn't be supporting. Look at it this way -- TCH provides this board as a way for their customers to help each other, and their techs often contribute a lot of "unofficial" support in this forum as well. Trust me, it's a lot more than you'd get at most hosts. In the old days there were hosting companies that would just bend over backward for you and help with things that weren't really their jobs, but they were either VERY expensive (like 500x what TCH costs, no kidding) or are out of business because they tried to do too much. I actually used to work for a hosting company that charged anywhere from $1000/month+ and they wouldn't have been able to help you either. If you need some more specific help with this issue, feel free to keep asking here. I use PayPal to do payments for some sites, but I've never tried the IPN functionality. Maybe I'll try setting it up myself and show you how I did it.
  13. Actually, Beth, I owe you a "thanks" since it was your posting on another board that led me here to TCH. So -- THANKS!
  14. Basically, you would be creating a whole new web page, anyplace you want on your site, that will receive these postings and input the results to your database. This would be a "special" page in a way, because it is meant to be accessed by a machine, not a human being. It needn't have any visible HTML or form fields at all. It just needs to accept POST input and do an INSERT into your database. If you've never done any PHP/MySQL coding before, you'll need more explanation than that, I suppose. If you have done that sort of programming, then think of this page as being the "action" page for a form on your site, except that there is no actual form involved, just the page that processes the form posting.
  15. You should be able to enable remote access to your mysql database yourself in cpanel. Click on the "manage MySQL" link/button, then scroll to the bottom. You'll see this: Access Hosts localhost Host (% wildcard is allowed): Just add the hostname/IP address of the computer from which you plan to access the database, or the % wildcard will allow access from any host. The way the security model of MySQL works, every user is actually a host/user combination, so each user has a specific host they can access the database from (or, again, the wildcard).
  16. If you really want two seperate domain names to point to two seperate web sites, you'll need two accounts (or one reseller account, which is really like having one account plus the ability to set up as many additional accounts as you want all on your own. If you just have two domains/websites, it would definitely be cheaper to get two regular accounts rather than one reseller account. At the TCH price for a starter account, it is pretty reasonable to just get two! Clearly you may not need 300MB of space for each site, but the real cost of each account is the support and setup involved (that's why you can get double the space and bandwidth for just one buck/month!)
  17. matman


    Are you talking about adding a pic on this bulleting board or on your web page? Can you post a link to the page/post that is malfunctioning?
  18. If you want to see exactly what the control panel looks like and what the options are, check out this page: Control Panel Demo and this one: cpanel help page
  19. Whoa, HG, I thought we weren't going to name names!!! Anyway, I'm glad to see that our misfortune is bringing business to tch in droves, anyway. Something good had to come of it.
  20. When I switched over, I just put the IP address in the server settings instead of the domain name. That way I could login and get my e-mails from whatever other domains already knew where I was, even if my own ISP hadn't gotten wind of the change yet.
  21. I've been using this great set of online tools to check on the propagation of my domain name: http://www.mob.net/~ted/tools/ Try using this one to see where various servers around the world think your domain is located: http://www.mob.net/~ted/tools/dns.php3
  22. Without naming names, I just wanted to say that I switched over to TCH last Friday from a "certain other web hosting company" that is apparently going out of business. A company with lots of customers who they have apparently kicked to the curb. I was just curious about how many fellow refugees are here already.
  23. The lesson is, never use an e-mail address AT your domain in matters concerning the hosting and administration of said domain. -- MATMAN, your fellow FP refugee
  24. I had one like this way back when that would duplex multiple phone lines, before we got a T-1 at my old job. That was great, but the ISP eventually caught on and instituted a "one connection per customer at a time" policy. Had to get a second and third account, but it was worth it to download things like beta software and service packs from Microsoft. Unless you have lots of $$$ to burn, I can't see as how it would be worthwhile to multiplex a DSL or cable connection. Most of any slowness I experience with my cable modem, I figure it's due to what's going on on the OTHER end.
  25. This site has a few really excellent web design software tools, including a great screen measurement tool and the best color picker around. http://www.iconico.com
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