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  1. Boxturt, instant coffee is just too vile. The only time I do instant coffee is the little packets the Army gives us in MREs. We just pour the little instant granules right in our mouths -- no time for niceties like hot water, but it keeps you awake!
  2. I tried accessing my TCH mail for my domain with IMAP before and was unable to do so. Gurus -- do we have IMAP access or no? If you say it should work, I'll give it another try.
  3. Actually, good old FP was "giving away for free" domain names with service. Since the customer was technically not paying for it, the customer really had no rights to it. Very sneaky, nasty, stupid, under-handed, etc., but still technically legit. Luckily I noticed all that in the fine print and declined their kind offer to register my domain name for free. They even admitted to me on the phone when I asked that if I left I would not be able to bring the name with me since THEY would actually own it, not me. Nice way to treat customers, trying to trick them into a trap and lock them in for life!
  4. I write ASP all day at work and then PHP all day at home, so I have a lot of feelings about this question. I can see why companies with a large investment in hardware, software, and training on MS-based networks tend to stick by MS. Also, even among relatively enlightened IT managers there is a fear of going with open source since there are no guarantees. I find I can usually solve a problem easier with free help on forums and newsgroups than with paid tech support, but if you have a tech support contract they HAVE to help you no matter what. I've had MS fly engineers out to us from across the country to help with a really sticky problem, but that was with a company that spent $manymillions every years on MS software and support. All that said, I can definitely say that I enjoy the coding I do at home at night (PHP) more than my ASP coding during the day.
  5. You could have it post to a subfolder under public_html and then use cPanel to password protect that folder. The rest of your question I'm not clear on. Are you running the script and it's asking you these questions? Is this a PHP or a Perl script? Could you possibly paste the whole script into a message or point us to where we can take a look?
  6. It is a good policy to always have a valid FROM: address on mails sent by scripts. If you're using input provided from the user as the FROM: address, you should use a routine to check whether one is provided in the valid format, and if not supply one of your own in its place.
  7. With Windows 2000 you have access to the performance monitor (look under administrative tools), which gives you the real power to troubleshoot this type of problem. You can log the performance of your processor(s) and the threads they are running in order to spot a troublemaker. I may need to write a good tutorial on how to use it, but for starters check these: http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBN/tip6500/rh6512.htm http://www.labmice.net/troubleshooting/PerfMon.htm
  8. The Welling and Thomson book on PHP and MySQL Web Development is my favorite, but my first was the WROX Beginning PHP book. The Visual QuickPro book is a good very basic intro for the non-programmer.
  9. I did the same thing when I first tried it -- had to look twice, three times, before I understood how it works.
  10. The best out there, in my opinion, is Urchin but is costs $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4
  11. You can place a header ( ) saying not to cache the page, but it's too late to do that now (you'd have to have done it on the old page). If it's cached at the browser level, there's not much you can do -- it's basically under the user's control. Most browsers' default setting is to check for a new version of a page either every session or every day, so it shouldn't be a long wait in most cases. OR...... do you mean you are still getting directed to your old site at another provider?
  12. Yeah, Lianna, that's the one I was originally thinking of. With the plunging prices/MB of flash media, I just can't see buying a keychain drive that doesn't have a standard type of removeable flash media.
  13. I get a LOT of use out of my iMac:
  14. I am not seeing the issue with no images myself, with or without the trailing "/"
  15. I would choose something like this over the standard keychain microdrive thingys. This adapter functions very similarly, but uses removable flash media like compact flash, MMC, Sony Memory Stick, smart media, secure digital, etc. This fact means that you can upgrade the amount of memory, for one thing, because the storage and the USB interace are seperate items. You can also use it to read the storage cards from a digital camera, PDA, or MP3 player, making it multi-functional in the extreme, rather than a one-trick pony.
  16. I think Andy's suggestion would work, but would require either using session or referencing a DB with each hit to see how many hits from a specific user in a given amount of time. Some performance hit there, but it would allow you to but someone off via PHP, just serve them up a big fat nothing after the first ten pages they request in less than 15 seconds. If the problem "browser" doesn't honor cookies I guess you'd have to use a DB as a work-around. I'll post sample code if anyone's interested.
  17. It depends on what the stats package considers a "visit." Hits to non-HTML files might not get tallied as a visit if that's the only file a "visitor" hits, but that host would get counted as a unique site. Keep in mind also that you're likely getting lots of "visits" from bots like Google and such that really shouldn't count as visitors, since there's no eyeballs or other human interaction attached to the visitor.
  18. Just saw this, and I think I found the easiest way to capture the images -- I simply used my IP sniffer. It has a HTTP file stream capture mode that saves copies of everything that comes to your machine over HTTP. There is simply no way I know of to prevent that from capturing all image files and HTML source coming in. It's great for debugging some types of web apps as well. The file-splitting thing made it tricky, still. I think that's really the most innovative part of this whole discussion -- bravo to Natimage for that!
  19. Ah, this is a possibility too. Still, it is odd that they have one or more servers (or clusters) so out of synch. Now if only we could get those "ipconfig /all" results cut-and-pasted in here, we could maybe solve this one!!!
  20. Wow, I'm disappointed to hear that. For the last four years or so they've been publishing the best programming books on the planet IMHO.
  21. True enough, but if the only answer it knows is that badly out of date then it seems like a "bad" answer to me. I suspect some of these machines have DNS servers hard-coded into them while the others are getting their DNS server setting from DHCP.
  22. True, they are passed under 128-bit SSL. I was just pointing out that they aren't any more (or less) secure than any other part of the form. The only thing the asterisks do is hide it on the screen so other people looking at it can't see (oh, and they make it harder to type, too!)
  23. They haven't said -- I was asking the question, not providing an answer.
  24. If this is the actual line in your script: It looks like you left out a "$" on your mail_to variable. That will DEFINTITELY not work! Oh, and the WROX book is the best. Actually, theirs usually are.
  25. Just to let you know, my wife Robin (yes, MATMAN is married to Robin, and no, I didn't marry her just for that reason) gave birth at 10:35am Thursday to our beautiful little daughter Emily.
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