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  1. I have two different sites, both hosted with TCH on different servers. Both have been recently upgraded to the new CPANEL. Both look different. One has the welcome to server at the top and the other has the server name half way done the list. I one, 6 out of 10 times it gives me an error when report the disk space usage. You have our conatct info from the CPANEL, please, please as I stated the last time you upgraded CPANEL, send us a broadcast announcement. I don't have time to lurk on the forums waiting for the next upgrade. CPANEL is important and affects me. I hate to be surprised by the changes plus I now have to train people again on what to do. These are not the most technologically minded people and everytime this changes it is alot of work for me. Please send me the e-mail when you are affecting my account. Todd Van Buren www.agilityphotos.com (TCH) www.agilitymb.ca (TCH)
  2. I myself hate the new theme. I left previous hosting company to come to TCH where my first account is, firstly because TCH is great, secondly the cPanel was easy to use. Being an IT person, I understand support issues, so having vendor supported software is important. My beef is lack of notification of change. In our organization communication is paramount when making change. Fine announcements in the forums is one thing. But TCH needs to start contacting us by e-mail (it's customers) whenever it makes changes to our accounts (good or bad changes). The cPanel theme change is right up there on the one main weakness that TCH exhibits. Poor communication to customers regarding change to it's systems. Yes, I know that there are thousands of customers, but that is part of doing business. I for one am looking forward to a theme that doesn't treat me like a child with pretty pictures and force me to drill down levels to find the tools I need. As an administrator I don't want cute I want functional and fast. A Happy TCH customer who would like better communication when you make changes and hopefully a new cPanel theme. Todd Van Buren www.agilityphotos.com www.agilitymb.ca
  3. I recently went through a similar process. I needed to publish to TCH prior to transfering the DNS entries. existing site and wanted little interuptions. Also did not have TCH transfer the site as I wanted to start clean. Using FP 2000 I was able to publish prior to DNS transfer. First verify FP extensions are installed by logging into CPANEL (they were by default on my site). To Publish using FP 2000. click Publish Button. Make sure to publish "all files" not just "the changed ones". Destination use IP_Address/public_html userid: CPANEL Userid & Password. this will upload the site. Watch out - if you use a location other than public_html it will create a directory with that name. To test IP_Address/~cpanel_userid and the site should come up ready for testing. Once tested make the DNS changes and within a day or two you are up and transferred. It was very smooth for me. Todd Van Buren www.agilitymb.ca (TCH for one day now) www.agilityphotos.com (TCH for awhile)
  4. I just completed the transfer of my account to TCH. I learned that you can PUBLISH using Frontpage 2000 to the site before the domain name is transfered using the IP address supplied. First login to CPANEL for the account and make sure FrontPage Extensions are installed (mine were by default) always good to check. Second make a backup of the web on your PC with a different name. Good practice but not a requirement. Open you web in FP, click to publish. For the destination use the IP Address/public_html and then the CPANEL userid and password. This chugged along great and uploaded the site. Then to test it use IP Address/~cpanel_userid to access the site. If you use a location other than public_html it will create a directory with that name and load the files there (I made the mistake of using ~cpanel_userid the first time and it created a directory ~cpanel_userid. This allowed me to verify everything was uploaded and the security I set through WebProtect for the members only area was working. Presto, everything was good, then I went and changed the DNS entries through my Domain reseller and by the next morning the changes had propigated out to my ISP's DNS servers. Hint to easily check that you are hitting the new site, make a slight change to the index page and that way you know you are at the correct site. In my case I added a TCH banner in the footer of the pages. You can also ping the site and you should get the TCH IP address that was supplied to you. Anyway, I didn't need FP 2002 to make this work. But I am still looking into it as there are some new features I am interested in. Again Thanks for all the help. Todd Van Buren
  5. I just wanted to add that $44.00 for the year is an excellent rate. I am in the process of moving our non-profit club's site to TCH this month. We are hosted by a company that was charging $107 per year for a fraction of what you get from TCH. This will save our club $63.00 annually. We used to have a free site, but you could hardly do anything with it, given the disk and bandwidth limitations alone made it unusable and the banners and pop up just take away from any site. I have a personal site on TCH and it has been well worth the money. I have always had great support from them and I do recommend them. Todd Van Buren Fund Raising & PR Agility in Manitoba www.agilitymb.ca
  6. Thanks for the info. I will look into upgrading to FP 2002. The site is a very basic static website, I am not worried about Forums etc. as I don't require them for this site. Mostly I want to test that the member only access area works as expected. Thanks for the info. Todd Van Buren
  7. Hi I am new to the forums but not to TCH. I have had a site on TCH for a couple of years and have been very satisfied with all the support and features offered. (www.agilityphotos.com). Anyway - I have taken over our dog club's web hosting duties and have completely reworked the site using FrontPage 2000 (www.agilitymb.ca). Previously it was developed under PHPNuke. May questions are: 1: Can I host a .CA account here. I have access to change the DNS via my account with CIRA? From what I have seen on the boards the answer is yes. Prior to transfering the account I want to be able to upload the site. I have noticed that I can have the site transfered using CPANEL (my current site is a CPANEL site). However, the previous webmaster left an excess of junk files and several versions of PHPNUKE loaded up on the site. So I would like to start from scratch on TCH. 2: Once the account is setup, prior to the DNS being changed to point to the TCH DNS servers, am I able to publish to the site using FrontPage? Is the URL for the site based on IP address? Can I also access it with CPANEL prior to changing DNS to setup directories and permissions? How would I test that everything is setup prior to the transfer? I do not currently have any userids for e-mail setup so I am not worried about those. I will be taking advantage of the e-mail userids once transfered. Apart from the excellent support from TCH, I am transfering due to the excellent pricing provided. This will save our dog club over $62.00 US a year. That doesn't sound like alot, but to a non profit club that is huge. Thanks Todd Van Buren
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