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  1. Thanks Bruce. I was mistakenly under the impression that TCH managed what was available under Fantastico. I don't know if it is possible but It would be nice to have a small warning in the Fantastico interface that alluded to the fact that the scripts there may not be the latest available and thus a user may be open to exploits. I sure learned my lesson. NO MORE FANTASTICO for me. And as always TCH Gurus were wonderful! Props to you guys for catching it and being very nice about me allowing an exploit on the servers. I am sure that is a thankless job most of the time. But I APPRECIATE IT. Pat SamSERV Web Design
  2. Regarding this update. I had trouble and got exploited. TCH promptly notified me as usual to the problem. I updated through Fantastico. Well that only updates to 1.4.12. Why does TCH use fantastico if updates ar so far behind? I thought that I was fine until I got another notice that that account had been exploited again and I went looking and noticed that coppermine had released 2 updates beyond what was available in fantastico. The side issue to this is once you manually update Fantastico can no longer be used to update applications because it reports that the wrong version, the old one, is still installed. Not a gripe here just a questions. Fantastico is so nice because i have multiple reseller accounts that have coppermine and other scripts. Fantastico made updating them so easy. Pat SamServ Web Design
  3. I am on the simple reseller package on server 377 and I haven't gotten my upgrade yet. Is this taking longer than anticipated or do I need to submit a ticket? Pat
  4. Not sure if anyone still needs this information but I did get this thing to work. Manually of course but here goes. Install all of the phormation files to the base phorm directory. on my site that is /phorm. chmod rsc and wbi directories to 777 as phorm wants to write to them. Change the phormation.php4 file to read. ><? $PHN_SELF = "phormation.php4"; include ("/home/your_tch_username/public_html/phorm/lib/main.php3"); ?> This will then work if you have put the phorm directory in the public_html folder otherwise you just need to alter the include path and then it works. Pat
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