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  1. Waynemac brings up an interesting question: what do all the symbols and icons mean? I found a key on a couple of the pages, but it is very incomplete. For Instance... What are the differences between Blue and Yellow TCH initials on the main forum page? What about the rest of the icons that are used that are not shown in that key. Does anyone have a complete list?

    The yellow TCH initials mean there has been a new post in the forum since your last visit.

  2. Site: LawnAndGardenOutlet.com

    Name: Lawn and Garden Outlet

    Description: Lawn, landscaping, and gardening supplies.


    I've added a link to TCH in the footer of all my pages.


    A rank evaluation would be nice. The site is VERY new (just launched it today actually) so its not indexed by google yet. From reading a lot of the posts around here I think I've got my pages pretty optimized...any extra tips would obviously be greatly appreciated.

  3. Well...what concerns me is that there are only 5 pages indexed...there are over 60 pages currently and many more getting added weekly. I'll defintely make those meta tag changes as well. And the Nonprofit and Informational Sites page is fine...more Informational than nonprofit...but defenitely works :P ...anywho...if you have any ideas on getting those other pages indexed that would be great. I've had a sitemap page linked from the first page for a couple weeks now and it doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

  4. Website: IndieRiot.com

    Name: Indie Riot

    Description: Bringing southeastern musicians, artists, and filmmakers together.


    I've added the TCH link in the footer of all the pages!


    A rank evaluation would be stellar! The site has been live for a couple months now and according to my stats, google only makes one hit a day...when other sites of mine are getting hundreds of hits per day. So I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Either way....

  5. Website: ImageStash.com

    Name: Image Stash

    Description: Free image hosting for message boards, eBay auctions, picture sharing, and much more!


    I've added the TCH link in the footer!


    Rank Evaluation...pretty please! I realize it's really only one page...so the more I can optimize that, the better. I've also got "image viewing" pages that people use to send the links to their friends, an example of those pages are:


  6. Mike, you don't have to have (and I don't think Bruce implied either) CGI setup to run forms. The action of forms can call a plethora of things from CGI to PHP to itself. As far as your warning message, you might wanna post your code for us to take a look at to see what the problem is.

  7. I visit the forums everyday. I've had shared and reseller hosting with TCH in the past, so I got involved with it then. But I do have a lot of dedicated server questions every now and then and never know the best place to put those posts. So, I'm for a dedicated server forum.

  8. I have a site where bands can have their own little pages on the website. I'd like to let them upload mp3's and video. As of now they are just e-mailing them to me. I know PHP has a default max upload size of like 2mb. Where would i change this? I have a dedicated server so I can mess with all the settings. I'm also aware that most browser tend to time-out after the files get to big. So...any suggestions on the best way to go about this would be stellar. Thanks!

  9. I have a form and on submit it's sent to process.php which processes the form. It was working perfectly but now process.php is giving me a 404 error message but I know for a fact that process.php is uploaded as i JUST used it. But here's something else to add to that. If I add some random word (we'll say 'hello') at the very top of process.php then the page will show up. Anybody have any suggestions?


    EDIT: Why is it that when I post with a problem after working on it for hours, 5 minutes after I post I figure out the problem..hmm...either way DISREGARD THIS POST, PROBLEM SOLVED.

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