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    Hi- I am working on a family website and I am using Front Page 2003 to design it. I am fairly new to front page and am having troubles getting the hit counter and guest book to work. The hit counter does not show up on the web or will say "[HitCounter]". Also, when the submit button for the guest book is hit, it opens a window saying it cannot find the path. If anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hi- I am new to this as well as new to frontpage. I have recently started work on a family website for me and my husband. The purpose of our website is to allow our family and friends to remain update since we do not live in the same town. However, I am having problems with the hit counter and guestbook. When I put the hit counter on the main page, it does not show up on the website. Sometimes is will read "You are Visitor [HitCounter]" instead of showing a number there. Also, i cannot figure out how to get the guestbook to work. When I tested it by trying to post a comment, it would take me to a page that said "cannot find server" or it will pop up an error message stating that it cannot find the path. I have tried several different help websites, but nothing has any information on what to do if there is a problem--- they just tell you how to place a hit counter or guest book on the website, and I did it just as the directions read. If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!
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