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  1. I have recently received two or three email messages supposedly from China. Has anyone else gotten these? Is it as I suspect a phishing scheme? ronwall@whitsett-wall.com "Dear Manager: This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally in China and Asia. On June 7th 2011, We received Tianhua Ltd's application that they are registering the name " whitsett-wall " as their Internet Keyword and " whitsett-wall .cn "、" whitsett-wall .com.cn " 、" whitsett-wall .asia "domain names etc.., It is China and
  2. I'm getting this error when I try to install AdvancedGuestbook or Lazarus. I also get an access denied when I try to link to my guest book from my web pages. What's going on??? Help!!! MySQL Error : Connection Error Error Number: 1045 Access denied for user: 'cPanelName_agbook1@localhost' (Using password: YES) Date : Thu, December 8, 2005 21:34:44 IP : Browser : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; DigExt; SV1) Referer : http://www.My-TCH-Hosted-Domain.com/GBWarning.htm PHP Version : 4.3.11 OS : Linux Server : Apache/1.
  3. OK, gotcha - now, what the heck is a captcha? Ron
  4. I did some things that to help slow these spammer criminals down but I haven't stopped them. I upgraded to the latest version of AdvancedGuestbook but I don't see any improvement. I will try some of the other suggestions I see in this forum. I changed the flood control to a time interval of 10 minutes and will keep increasing it as necessary. To protect my guests I censored "http" to cause the spammer URL to be invalid if it is entered in the comments. I also censored most of the product and medication names that are usually in these messages. This doesn't stop them but is my little way of get
  5. I'm getting these entries in my guestbook that appear to be complimentary but contain a link to a website whose URL ends in .co.uk - When you click on the "home" icon on the entry it always takes you to the same website regardless of URL (which is always different). The e-mail address given in the entry is always bogus. I have been getting other guestbook entries promoting medications and weight-loss products. Is there any way of stopping this? Is there anything that can be done to prevent these spam programs from finding my guestbook? Finally, are any of these entries dangerous?
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