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  1. Php 5.3

    Thanks for your reply Bruce
  2. Php 5.3

    If we switch register_globals off with a local php.ini does this override the TCH server php.ini and all its directives . When checking my sites server info this seems to be what happens. Does this mean it is best to copy TCH Server php.ini and just add our own entry to switch globals off? Is this the best way, or would this slow the website down? Does this local php.ini cover all directories below the top one? Thanks for any advice and also for making this upgrade optional for now,so we have a bit of time to check our scripts.
  3. Php 5.3

    Scrub my reply it doesn't work on 5.3 Sorry
  4. Php 5.3

    Bob, Try this: php_flag register_globals 0
  5. Hi,I've recently been accessing my sites cpanel through TCH's secure https connection i.e. https:// Servername.tchmachines.com:2083/ I am getting certificate expired warnings in Firefox and IE. I have sites on 3 separate servers and am getting the same warnings on each. Is the path incorrect,or are the certificates indeed no longer valid. Thanks for any suggestions
  6. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Hi Bruce, One is working ,the other has improved, but still has no catalog pages apparently. As the issues were the same with both sites it should need the same fix as the other site,just waiting on it now. Thanks for your concern. Chris
  7. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Thanks Chatbug! Just an update,one of the sites is back up, and I'm hoping that the other will be sorted shortly which is a relief! It was sorted on the ticket here and apparently was related to: php open basedir protection on the server which had to be disabled. .. I don't know alot about that,but it's great to have one of the sites back. Thanks for the help. Chris
  8. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Hi Thomas, thanks for the welcome ! Chris
  9. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Hi, Thanks Peter and David and thanks again for the welcome,that's why I wanted to host here as everyone is so helpful. I am also a bit of a newbie,so please bear with me. I don't think I've been hacked as all my files were the same as before when comparing them. I think we're getting close with this href tag David thanks for that suggestion. I had discounted it because when I checked in firefox which now displays the site fine it was also empty,but I didn't know that it ignores this tag unlike IE. That would certainly explain why it's bare in IE, but I wonder why it has suddenly happened and to both sites at the same time. Will keep you posted. Chris
  10. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Hi Don, thanks for the welcome and the input. The thing is my paths had not changed since the site was first online and working perfectly for 8 months.If you look at the site displayed perfectly in firefox the image paths are correct. For some reason Internet Explorer is altering the links. Very strange
  11. Sudden Errors On Sites

    Hello, I've been having some issues on both of my sites. I do have a ticket out on this and one of the issues has been resolved - thanks ,but I wondered if anyone else out there might have any ideas. Any help is greatly appreciated. A couple of days ago both sites which had operated perfectly for 8 months suddenly lost all their pictures and stylesheets and all the (oscommerce) catalog pages returned errors and could not be accessed. I had not made any alterations to configure files for either and both suddenly experienced identical problems. I also saw a strange "you are protected by an unknown ssl" in my admin. I do not have ssl enabled in my configure files so it was very strange to see this,and it coincided with the problems with both sites. One of the sites www.thaisilverbeads.com has now been fixed in Firefox browser, but the problem remains in Internet Explorer. When right clicking on the image paths and clicking properties it shows an incorrect path to the images. However these are displaying perfectly in firefox and always had done before,so the paths in my files are ok. Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers for any help Chris