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  1. thnx very much... that did it
  2. and what about the 60 sec timeout setting? anything I can edit for that... the 60 sec is actually more of an issue...
  3. I am unable to upload files to coopermine over 2mb... I need to upload files in the 3-5mb range... is this a server side limitation? I have tried to research the coopermine site and they say the default max_input_size is 60 seconds so I think I am timing out on larger files... even though I have broadband connection doh i am a loser... here is my prob... from the coop website 1. max_input_time- 60 seconds is the default time limit for uploading files. This time limit includes the time it takes for the files to upload, so if you exceed this limit, the file will not even parse, and t
  4. thats what is making this so difficult... almost any other host and I would have been gone... no brainer... it almost suprises me that no work around has been developed by tch...
  5. so then mailing lists can be used identically to forwards in as that the email address that people would send to would be the same... just that in forward it looks like tch is sending the mail and in the list it looks like my domain is sending the mail... but both happen automatically in any event... am i understanding this right? also for something of this magnitude shouldn't it be a little bolder in the sign up for a site faq section? and if what I am detailing here is a work around... then why didnt tech support email me this workaround instead of a no... sorry... aol... can't help you?
  6. can people use aol.com email addresses on the mailing list? maybe that is why they are getting dropped?
  7. ok what I want to know is it possible to run the Entropy Banner and Random Html script on more than one page on the site and use different banners for entropy and different quotes for random? I would like different random banners and quotes on different site pages, but in the control panel, I only see the option to create the script once... so can this be done?
  8. I dont think I saw it on the list... (and I have used all the old standard proggies)... I have been using for has to be a good 5 years now... Internet Neighborhood Pro... I love it... the best part for me I think is the windows integration... I actually paid for it back then... and then just paid to upgrade recently... while free is nice... if someone makes sumtin good that I like at a reasonable price, they can have my money...
  9. ok for anyone watching this thread... i just got my first email reminder... the best I can figure... you can not make an event and have plans send the reminder within a 24 hour period... I say this because the first reminder that I just got was the first one I made that had a greater than 24 hour span from creation date to reminder time.... all the other reminders I made were event is in 30 min, send me a reminder in 15 etc...
  10. ok before I waste anymore time on Plans Calendar... I have a question... Does it send out email reminders of events on TCH? or at all? I have spent a ton of time on this script and no luck with the email reminders... I am not a scripting God (obviously)... but this is not the first script that I have setup in my life either... experience tells me its probably something stupid... but I don't see it... the cron job is running and outputing the script... but I am not getting reminders... anyone here have Plans on there site that uses the email reminder feature that can help would be a
  11. ok i reloaded the script and now the correct from and reply addresses are showing up... but the cron jobs are not running yet... still testing and kicking it... (server 108 will probably hate me by the end of the weekend... but I am gonna get this thing working...) here is the cron command I am running * * * * * /home/MyAccountId/public_html/calendar/email_reminders.cgi the script is outputting to MyUserId horde mail... but is not sending emails to the address I specified for the email reminder
  12. also... despite the fact that the plans script is not giving the correct reply address, i guess my next question is if it will send the on-demand test email out... then when the cron job runs... why does it not send out the reminder email... obviously the reminder email will have the wrong reply address... but it should still send???
  13. ok that worked but the reminder emails are not going out. the on demand emails will go out but not the reminder ones... additionally the emails when someone wants a new calendar are getting messed up... for example the script looks like this $options{reply_address} = "calendar@saintjoseph-hewlett.org"; $options{from_address} = "calendar@saintjoseph-hewlett.org"; $options{new_calendar_request_notify} = "webmaster@saintjoseph-hewlett.org"; but the emails are getting sent to here webmaster-hewlett.org@server108.totalchoicehosting.com also when I do receive an on-demand test ema
  14. Hi... can someone type in an example of what the command line would be for Plans to send out email reminders... thanks... currently i am using /home/myuserid/public_html/calendar/email_reminders.cgi
  15. actually not such a great short term solution... for some reason, the auto responder is not working with this configuration... I can only blame aol at this point since my other autoresponders are working... here is what i have works webmaster@saintjoseph-hewlett.org > me@gmail.com > me@work.com auto responder works fine along with forwarding does not work fathertom@saintjoseph-hewlett.org > frtom@gmail.com > frtom@aol.com when i send to this address, i get nothing from the auto responder. need to contact him to see if he is actually receiving these emails... is aol
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