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  1. I have been working on it since I had posted my question. I went back to the options and combed through them one by one and found one that was set to: Site Admin must approve all posts. I uncehcked it and it looks like this is working fine. For anyone else with this issue that option is under >Options | Discussions | Before a comment Appears . Sounds logical now that I found it, but it took creating a post here in order for me to find it. Thank you for looking into this for me Raul.
  2. I have installed WordPress twice now and I cant seem to get the comments to work on my web blog. I initially installed WordPress and went through the options of the blog and thought maybe I just had set it for no comments. After looking and looking, I decided it would be better to re-install Word Press. I deleted all the old files including the database and started fresh. I still cannot leave comments to my atricles. Is there a security setting I need to like 666 to some file or folder? I installed Wordpress to the root www folder. Thanks for you help. My site is http://www.n-ctrl.com
  3. I thank you all for your input and I will check out the programs you listed here. What I am interested is, me or the website owner creating articles and posting them to the site, We dont need it to be a forum type article based website. I was wondering how the process works. My idea of a perfect world unless there is somethign better is that you can create the article in word import it into a web page and upload document directly to the server from an admin webpage using php. If the proper link on the website was clicked it would pull of the document correctly formatted in the website. But I DONT want it to open in word or as a PDF. I dont think this is blogging, in that my idea of blogging is articles created by many people. but I could be wrong. Sorry about the delayed response, I have been out of commision, on vacation.
  4. I am creating a website for a family busines and I want to be able to add a section for articles. Basically I want to be able to write up an article about a tool in the "Tool Shed" how to page and have it displayed when the user click on a link. I see some pages that have the link like http://www.m33supply.com/4/2. (Notice the 4/2 at the end of the link. This is just an example link. m33supply.com is the site I am working on. Can anyone tell me how this is done? Is this done through some type of content management program? Do I create each page and it is called in to the main page? Some other example are techrepublic, ZDNet, and CNET. Thanks for your help Scott M
  5. Mike, Are you saying we as a users can setup the filter on forwarder accounts to make it work with AOL? Or is it TCH as a whole who needs to setup the filters?
  6. Thank you all for your help. I think this will work out great.
  7. stevevan, I clicked the link and I get a page cannot be found error, even when delete the /script off the end of the webaddress. Its trying to send me to this address http://www.surefirewebdesign.com/scripts/ b
  8. Here is a link to a website that sells a Shopping cart solution. I am looking to buy it, but have not yet. I am still doing some research as you are. I am interested in creating shopping carts as a business but I am not sure what all is involded. http://www.interakt.ro Check out the MX Kart and MX Shop products. They also have a lot of other php.mysql products as well.
  9. The link that Kevin put in the last post is great. I just wanted to add, as you look the help file you can also use www for the host name as well instead of public_html. This will also come in handy when you try and connect using Front page. There is a quirk in FP that requires you to use www/ the first time you are connecting to the server. I think there is a help page on this as well in the tutorials section.
  10. Torvan, this is probably late but incase you are still looking for an answer you can always change server technologies at any time. Basically at that setting does is tell DW what technology to use when connecting to a database. I use PHP/MYSQL so most of my pages are .php but I also .html as well. Here with TCH you wont use Coldfusion or ASP since we are a Linux system. Hope this answers some questions. Good lunch Dreamweaver is an awesome product. I was a previous Frontpage user and it took some time and A LOT of patience when switching. DW is a little more "do it yourself" oriented, but it is WAY more powerful than FP, and it doesn't add all the code bloat you see with FP.
  11. Jim, Here is the link on the DMZone website to Smart Image Processor for PHP. I have purchased their PHP upload a few years ago and it worked pretty good. There were a few stumbling blocks, but after that it was good. (for those who are interested). If seems they are getting better with there products though. There are so many of them I am not sure what to think. If you have any suggestions I would be glad to hear them. I really need an image processor for my clients. I could make good use of it. There is another site I have been looking at called interakt. http://www.interakt.ro/ They have lots of good products. I purchased the mxlooper and it worked great. Again I am interested in hearing any suggestions you might have about any of these sites or others. I am going right now to check out hotscripts.com
  12. Hello Everyone, I am not sure if this is the place to post a question, but since it is a HOW-TO question I thought I would post it here. My question is, How can I get or write a contact form in PHP to work with TCH HTTPs server and PHP? A while back a read a post from some who created a PHP form to send email, but instead of having the email spelled exactley he broke it up into variable and concantinated the variable to send the form. This is a great idea since those pesky web bots cant read your email address and spam you. I have a contacts page that I want to customer to be able to fill out a form instead of using the Mailto tag. It my opinion a hassle when the html page opens my email program to a email. I would much rather just fill the info out on the website and send the info. I would also like to use the same script with some simple modifing to send an inquiry form that is secure since the customer may be including credit card info. I read an article in the forums that is similar but there was no answer. In summary here are the things I would like to have: 1. PHP script to send an email to the web page owner so the to email wouldn't change 2. Email address broken up into 4 vaiables for example. var 1 = pla var 2 = inj1 var 3 = @be var 4 = llsouth.net 3. Work with TCH's free HTTPS Thanks for the help, Mr Wisdom12 (Who is not so full of wisdom when it comes to PHP)
  13. I would like to use the Smart Image Processor from DMXZone and it requires : Are these installed on the server? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. I am looking for an ISP to host some of the Coldfusion websites that a client wants me to help him design. In my web browsing adventures I came accross tophost.com. I looked for TCH on there and did not see it. I found a link of how you can add your name for registration. In MHO I think TCH could rank in the top 10 easily. If your at all in iterested in looking into this site here is the link to register your company: http://www.tophosts.com/pages/top25/25appl.html I think there are alot of people here who would agree with me. EVERYONE AGREEING SAY I. P.S. anyone here know of a good site hosting Coldfusion. TCH sets a high standard and I cant settle for anything less anymore. Thanks.
  16. May be. I just happen to notice and thought, I wonder if that Head Guru himself.
  17. Thanks Bill, I am thinking that it took a little time for the changes to take effect. I tried to log in the morning after I deleted the "all" in the remove area and it I was able to view the site again
  18. Bill, is that your picture on the index page of the TCH website? The guy with the thumbs up saying "what can we do for you?". I figure this would be a good pre-sale question.
  19. I put in a help ticket, but I thought I would also ask it here in case anyone else has had this issue. It seems I have blocked my IP address from my accessing my site. I was looking at the deny IP manager after reading a forum discussion and it seems I had inadvertadly blocked my own IP adress. I can get to the cpanel and I checked the deny IP manager and in the remove field there was the word ALL. This word displayed about 5 times. I removed one of them and they all were removed. I still cannot access the site though, and there are no more entries in the remove field. The funny thing is that only my ip was blocked, other people could access the site. Is there a lag time for this to take effect after you remove the IP addresses? Thanks for your help
  20. I was checking the disk usage viewer in the CPanel and I got confused about the email setting. It says the site is using 23 MB of email. When I check the accounts there are only app 1 MB of mail in there. Does the mail setup such as forwarders and spam assasin take up space as well? Thanks for your help
  21. I would just like to say my hats off to Bill and his gang. I was just browsing through the forums and came across this article. I just have to say Bill and his gange are top notch. I think that is a awesome of TCH to donate "additional" badnwidth and to get involved in this situation. It just goes to prove - TCH Stones
  22. I saw that book at Banes and Nobles bethohio3. (Professional PHP programming). I leafed through it at the store for about 15 minutes, and first of all it was over my head in php programming, but I did feel like that particular book was as "neat" as the beginning PHP 4 book that I have. It seemed to jump all over the place. That is of course IMHO. I do like the other Wrox books as well.
  23. I meant to respond to that too. When my domain was still propagating I was having all sorts of issues as well. in fact some of my php pages wouldn't even show up at all. so I just waited and it started to work fine the next day
  24. I use Dreamweaver MX to create Webpages. I have a testing server setup running win2k, IIS, MYSQL, PHP and PHPMyAdmin. This is working good, but when I am way from my house I cannot connect to my server. (Since I use DSL and I really dont want to open the ports on my router). How can I connect dreamweaver to the my SQL database to help create queries for my pages. Since I dont PHP very well, I depend on Dreamweaver to create the code for me. I have used the IP address and domain name as well to no avail. Thanks For your help in advance
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