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  1. Hi there,


    I'm trying to set up an additional FTP account for my cousin to upload some content to our family website, however, I think it would be a lot easier to do so if we had SSH key authentication to authenticate SFTP, instead of having to enter the password at every stage. Is this possible or not at all with the lack of SSH access?




  2. Hi


    A friend of mine wants to start a website. I suggested TCH starter hosting for him. However, he wants to start off on a yearly basis and then in a couple of months if he finds that his needs are not sufficient, he will upgrade.


    Now how should the additional payment be made? Would it be automatically charged to his credit card or is there some other method? And how much would be charged?


    Thanks in advance

  3. Thanks for the info David. :)


    The reason why I asked if the format was customizable was because my previous host was running IIS, which provided a fairly detailed error message in the log itself whenever my ASP app used to kick the bucket. Does NCSA format provide this kind of error logging when something goes wrong and the server is forced to return a 500 server error or something similiar?


    Secondly, all the timestamps were at UTC, even when the server went on to British Summer Time. Can I assume that the timestamps will always have a timezone of -0400, or is this likely to change during Daylight savings?

  4. Hi,


    I was just looking through the Raw logs for my site.


    Here's a sample line from the log


    > - - [03/Oct/2005:22:45:47 -0400] "GET /?ID=29 HTTP/1.1" 200 7471 "http://nirenjan.com/Blog/post.asp?ID=29" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BecomeBot/2.3; MSIE 6.0 compatible; +http://www.become.com/site_owners.html)"

    I think I've pretty much figured out most of them, IP, unknown, unknown, timestamp, request, status, returned content size, referrer and user-agent.


    A few questions in this regard.

    1. Can somebody confirm if my understanding is correct (and fill in those unknowns)?
    2. Is there any way of modifying the timestamp so that it shows a different timezone?
    3. Is the log format customizable?

  5. Hi,


    I've just moved to TCH from another host and have installed WordPress. I want to permanently redirect requests to /Blog/feed.asp to http://www.nirenjan.com/feed/, while all other files/folders under /Blog/ are to be redirected to the root folder (http://www.nirenjan.com/). Also the request matching needs to be case insensitive.


    How do I set up this rule in either CPanel or .htaccess? I tried with CPanel to redirect both /blog/ and /Blog/ to the main page, but it's accepting only one and if I try to enter the other, it's giving me a 404 error.

  6. Thanks again everybody, XAMPP works great. Now one question on the billing. I saw that the Head Guru special is available for only new customers. That's fine, but if I pay for one year, then do I have an option to return to monthly billing at a later date (after 1 year, that is)?

  7. Thanks everybody, just a couple of more questions. I have about a month of hosting left with my current host. My site currently uses ASP and I see that you support only PHP & Perl. Anyway, I want to port it to PHP and make my site active by the 1st of November. Now if I purchase a hosting package, can I check the pages without having my domain point to TCH?

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