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  1. What Amadeus platform are you working with? I might be able to point you at something that helps.
  2. You're dealing with a few factors here -- browser differneces, user monitor resolutions, operating system quirks, installed font sets, and possible end-user css overrides. You can't control all of these things, so you have to control what you can. A couple of tips that many experienced web-commerce coders follow -- if you're going to absolute-position everything, design for 800x600. Unless your target market is hardcore geeks, 70% of web shoppers still use 800x600. use external css. Not only does it push you to think in a big-picture sort of way, it makes later site updates/changes
  3. If they are following standards, their bot will check a file in your root called "robots.txt" add the following lines to that... User-agent: LinkWalker Disallow: / If that fails, shoult, and we'll work up a htaccess based trap routine for it
  4. Sorry guys, I wasn't clear -- when I said... "I'm searching for a new host right now, because we are developing our new apps in ruby, and it's really irritating to deal with companies which don't know the meaning of "customer service."" I was referring to the new hosting companies I'm checking out, not TCH. It's irritating that I have to switch to a company that doesn't offer real customer service, after having such a positive experience with customer service at TCH.
  5. Been using TCH for over a year for a number of business and personal sites, and overall, they are great. Solid uptime and speeds, easy configuration options, and a very responsive helpdesk. Both times I have asked a question of the help desk, the reply was swift and accurate. The downside is that the company is a bit too conservative with upgrades. If you need current technologies, you'll have to go elsewhere. Staff members are adamant that they will not be adding the Ruby on Rails platform, despite it's widening acceptance in the development world. Worse, they have dragged their fee
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