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  1. The last host I was on banned the perl version of Yabb for some reason, probably because it was hogging system resources. But yeah, I wouldn't use it when you've got Invision and Phpbb available
  2. Hmm, well I've found the source of the problem (kinda). What you guys suggested works right up until I create an instance of the phplib Session class. It seems that once I do that the global variables are completely wiped so I can't access them (unfortunately I do need access to them after the session is started). I've tried copying $_POST into a new array right at the beginning of the script but that seems to be wiped as well. Even if I do extract($_POST) the variables that are created have no contents. This is so screwy, does anyone have any knowledge of phplib and perhaps why this would be
  3. I'm having a bit o' trouble with getting post variables from a form in a php script. Basically i've got a search form that allows users to search a stock list, but the php script doesn't seem to be able to get the post variables. The form code is: <form name='form1' method='POST" action='index.php?action=search'> The bit that isn't working in the php script is essentially: if($HTTP_GET_VARS['action'] == "search") { global $HTTP_POST_VARS; echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['searcharg']; } I've tried loads of variations of this but nothing ever shows up. I
  4. I'm trying to setup a program called StatsNow which monitors web site usage but it needs to know the absolute path to the raw apache log files. Does anyone know the path to where these files for my site are kept? I've looked through my root folder but all the log files I can find are for the awstats etc. Thanks a lot
  5. Oh, hehe, yeah sorry, pwd is the linux command to give you your current full working directory. I just need the full path to my root folder, i.e. /home/myusername/public_html/
  6. What is our pwd on the servers? I tried /home/username/ but it isn't working. Thanks
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