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  1. I believe the only thing needed to do is to pay the bill for the domain.

    For the hosting, submit a ticket with the Help desk billing department explaining you do not want it to be renewed from august. If there are any other procedures needed to cancel the hosting, the billing people will let you know.


    Ok, great, thanks, I will contact the billing dept.


    Do I need to pay for the domain using TCH, as I bought the domain using TCH?

  2. Done. Thanks for the quick reply.




    I've just had a look at the errors that there were. Please open a ticket at the help desk, and we'll discuss it with you. I'm not going to go into details here because it's actually a security issue related to the specific post URL you are using (nothing that you are doing wrong, so don't worry :rolleyes: )
  3. I followed the instructions that came with WP: unzip on my machine, use an ftp software to upload to the server and run through the install.php script. Moreover this works fine without any images in the post. The addition of images causes breakdown of the script.


    I checked the error log in cpanel and there is nothing there. I google-d around a bit and noticed some comments about permissions of directories, but I believe I have set permissions up correctly. Is there a document on what the permissions should be like underneath the WP install directory?





    Have you uploaded /blog/xmlrpc.php in the correct format to the server ?


    I would also check the error log (in cpanel) for any errors there

  4. Hi


    I am using 'ecto' blog editor to write my entries and publish them to a WP blog. I can publish entries without any additional uploads. But if I try to publish an entry which has images in it, then on trying to publish, I get the following error from apache:



    406 Not Acceptable


    Not Acceptable

    An appropriate representation of the requested resource /blog/xmlrpc.php could not be found on this server.


    Apache/1.3.34 Server at www.mirthmakers.com Port 80



    I have given 777 permission to wp_content/uploads directory (and I am not happy about it), but even then I have this problem. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.



  5. Hey guys


    I just decided to use TCH for my hosting purposes and so I bought a domain using TCH (actually using securepaynet, are you two the same?) yesterday.


    Now I am trying to buy a hosting plan for the domain. When I click the buy for the silver plan, it tells me that I must update the nameservers myself and then it asks me to register again. It does not recognize the user id and password I used to buy my domain.


    So two questions -

    1. Since I bought the domain at TCH and now I am buying the webhosting also at TCH, is it not possible for TCH itself to update the nameservers? If not, how do I update the nameservers? (I also use private registration, so I think I would have to go through domainbyproxy to update my nameservers).

    2. Why doesnt it recognize the userid and password I used to buy the domain?


    Now that I had to register again for the forums, could I use this registration information to buy the webhosting or do I have to register again with a different id and password?


    Thanks, guys.



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