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  1. This happens quite a bit with MovableType users. Essentially what happens, from what I understand in a more simplistic nature, BlogSpammers are using the referral log in hopes to get a better spot in the search engine rankings. In some sordid mess, you end up with bogus hits and referral links to wonderful sites touting male sexual enhancers and Paris Hilton sex videos. I sometimes believe that some miscellaneous bots will crawl and harvest an email address. After harvesting the email address, it will return from it's crawl and store the URL. Then it'll beat the living pulp out of your email inbox and increase your number of craptastic referrals. I hope that makes sense, because I rarely do make sense. It could also be completely untrue and therefore should be taken with a grain of salt...... the TCH SEO may wish to chime in if he/she has any idea'ers.
  2. That is where the DSL and Cable companies getchya. The little letter B makes a big difference. Why can't we just go back to using a "baud" rate!
  3. If anyone can find the December or January copy of Maximum PC, it also covered quite a few tips and tricks to speed up and fine-tune WinXP.
  4. MT all the way baby! I've tried several different concepts for doing a personal page, but MT is, by far, one of the easiest to plug-in and go.
  5. well sure! Microsoft will surely do just as they want to with Flash technology, akin to the whole Java fiasco. While some may feel that they wouldn't do something so foolish, the cost of litigation is easily outweighed by the footprint they can impose upon the end-user. By the time litigation is settled, the grip has already tightened and Microsoft wins, even if they lose in court. Now, if the Netscape/Mozilla community would take advantage of the opportunity they are afforded, they could easily sway the the hand that Microsoft delegates. AOLs largest folly is utilizing IE as the foundation of it's 'proprietary' browser rather than the technology they already own. While I am, by far, no advocate of AOL, they could make key strategic plays to regain a more powerful presence in the browser market. The battle of the browser is far from over. I believe the tide can turn with certain key changes in the way AOL and Netscape nurture their somewhat lackadaisical relationship.
  6. I generally like to keep it very simple, but it depends where I'm doing work: Home: Maguma - my first choice to turn to for PHP editing, also works well for HTML Notepad - it's a classic for editing on-the-fly Dreamweaver - I use on rare occasion Frontpage 2002 - Again, I use it rarely but use to use it more often for handcoding/previewing as well as editing things I did at work. Bluefish - I dual-boot so I will use bluefish, which is a very powerful and useful editor, one of my favs. Work: Notepad - again, you will notice the old standby making an appearance Frontpage - Used when I want to lay out a quick form, preview it and blast an email out to my reps. Since I have worked in tech support, helping with web design, I can share the viewpoint of the downside to WYSIWYG editors. In fact, I had some guy screaming at me because he could did not know how to paste one of our HTML buttons into his site. The best line is when he lashed out saying "I'm a ####ing web designer, I don't know how to do this coding ####. Can't you just do it for me!" What was sad is that the guy actually did design a beautiful site, just had no clue on how it functioned on the backside. It's like someone who knows how to take a dump, just doesn't understand how to eat. Then you have the people who use Frontpage. I use it just because it works well for me to whip out HTML email forms and such as I have several templates set up. It really sucks when you have to tell someone how to paste code into their site, only to see that they paste it into the layout view so it appears as code on the displayed page. Most have no clue that there are multiple views that can be used. Then again, that is what you end up with with a WYSIWYG editor: people who never make it past, or care to look beyond what the full package offers. You end up with a bunch of wanna-be developers/entrepraneurs who have no concept of what drives the displayed page. I didn't mean to hijack the thread with my venting, just got a bit off the topic
  7. What a joke..... I've never followed Verisign very much, but I've heard nothing but terrible things when I do hear about them. There might be one brightspot to this - fewer Netster pages......
  8. What about using a session cookie? Don't ask me how it would work, but I know that is how alot of providers use the images - person navigates away or closes the browser and poof! image is gone.....
  9. Still learning, but a great help source that I purchased was the "PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites" - a book in the Visual Quick Start series. I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of writing. I'm the kinda person who likes to jump in head first and try to swim my way through; sometimes I drown, other times I can pull through. It's nice to be able to open a book and skip through the book and actually undrstand what someone is trying to explain ( I wasn't gifted with a programmer's mind at birth). I will also second the previous poster's response about Maguma Studios' PHP editory. The free version just blows my mind. Its lightweight, powerful enough to do everything I want it to do. Unfortunately, the debugging feature isn't available in the free edition, but the color coding alone helps any newbie to the world of PHP.
  10. I'm currently working on a project that is extremely simple: [li]Take a PayPal IPN post [li]Complete the post-back [li]Generate an email based on the variables posted. Unfortunately, this is a solo project as anyone I know who knows PHP is not available, out of town or gone crazy. Essentially, I'm stuck at one spot: it doesn't send the email from what I can tell. I've tested everything I can think of. I've set the permissions to both 755 and 777. Either way, I encounter no errors that I can see. I see from my visitor log that the script is being called and returning a 200 response. Of course, (from what I know) if the script is responding with a 200 'ok' response, there will not be any errors. I have also verified that there are no errors generated. I do know the script, without my little addition, does work. I've verified this several times as I have used this rest of the script without my appended mail lines. Here is the section of code in question: >// if ok, send a confirmation email to the buyer and seller $body = "Thank you for your purchase!\n\nPlease review the following transaction details we have received from PayPal\n\n$item_name\n\n$item_number\n\n$mc_gross\n\nSincerely\n\nAllen Olson & Co."; mail($payer_email, 'Thank you for your payment!', $body, 'From: webmaster@allenolsonco.com'); Can anyone see any direct syntax errors that my be causing the problem? I wouldn't think I would have to change any of the spacing, but could that be an issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Of course, I'm still learning the ways of all these different CMS systems. I can wholeheartedly agree with borfast that PHP-Nuke's default templates (and even some of the custom template designs) are somewhat ugly. My experience with PHP-Nuke was somewhat good. I like the ease of use of implementing and controling content display. I only used two templates, but IE 6.0 and 5.5 never quite rendered the page correctly with the default template. The header image never displayed. Of course, everything looked beautiful in Netscape, my preferred browser for the most part. I can see infinite possibilities for Mambo as it develops. But, if you just want to put up a quick site and publish, you are a bit more limited in choices of plug-ins and modules using the developer version. Now, before I get stomped on for telling you to use the developer edition - (from my understanding) the whole system was re-written with new code, so it's functionality may be a little different than what most are used to in older versions. The other positive note on Mambo that get's me excited is the integration of osCommerce that is under development. Of course, you could always build your own cms system and utilize some other free stuff like movabletype to control your content. As much as I love movabletype for it's content control, it's only free for personal use. Commercial use and use for commercial development will cost you a chunk of change.
  12. While I know you are looking for a quick solution George, if you ever get the chace, pick up the Visual Quickstart book"PHP and MySQL For Dynamic Websites". I've found that it is an excellent introduction to PHP as well as MySQL. It's extrememly straight forward and easy to understand. Visual Quickpro Guide - "PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites"
  13. Thank you for your input. I apreciate the attention and will look into it further. The googlebot took almost no time at all to crawl my site, I just have to look a little further into boosting rankings and try to hit a target. I will say that TCH has sent through quite a few hits for me, for which I am greatful. Thanks again!
  14. That was scary.... I'm going to bed now I hope I can sleep............
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