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  1. Photographing bands is tough because its usually so dark and the performers generally move a lot. To compensate for the movement and darkness you generally have to use a fast lens and high ISO. The high ISO makes the pictures grainy though. Having a fast lens will help a LOT (By fast I mean large aperture) but then its impossible to get the whole band in focus - and fast lenses can be quite pricey.


    You're probably better off using night mode if you're using automatic settings but really you're just going to have to experiment. Forget about getting the whole band in focus in one shot if they are spread out at all. The large aperture will make that difficult.


    Here's a couple shots I took with no flash, 1600 ISO, f4. I don't have a faster lens so I had to crank the ISO up.


    1/25 shutter




    This one 1/50 shutter


    You can see the graininess - and that's after Paint Chopping it.


    I generally don't do this style of photography but if I were planing on doing it more often I'd pick up a faster lens (f1.2 or f1.4).


    Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the update. I was suspicious of some issues at the new DC (one of my domains is hosted on Naboo) but I didn't have enough evidence to submit a ticket. So I posted a question here on the forums which was promptly deleted. I then got a PM saying if I was having trouble to open a ticket. I wish he would have just told me that there were known issues. I then attempted to submit a ticket via email (which is how I've submitted low-priority issues in the past) and got a reject message of some sort. I blew it off, thinking you'd get it all fixed up eventually.


    Luckily for me I don't run this site to make money. I've had to endure complaints from my friends though, but I can handle that.

  3. There's about a bazillion tutorials on the 'net on PHP. But I really like to have a book to reference when it comes down to learning something. A little while back I picked up PHP in Easy Steps and loved it. An excellent beginner PHP and MySQL book. Its a couple years old now but the info is still current however some of the mysql stuff has been replaced with advance commands.




  4. You can update it yourself - and you should be able to import into phpMyAdmin, but it will start to fail when the database is a few MB (I've forgotten the exact limit - possibly a 4MB limit). If it's below that, you should be fine.


    The SQL export is about 60 MB so I guess I'm out of luck without support doing the upload for me.

  5. I guess I'll have to try that however I was hoping to not have to rely on support. You see I want to set up a test database and will have to refresh it with live data on occasion.


    I found in phpMyAdmin where you can copy a database to another but I always get access denied when phpMyAdmin tries to create a DB. Looks like the only way to create a DB is to use the mysql tool that's in Control Panel. However phpmyadmin won't copy a database to an existing one, it always tries to make a new one which fails of course.

  6. I found the problem. Sorry guys :oops:


    I had FireFox set to load images only from the originating site. I thought that would save me from getting ads and other crud on 'net... Since those PNGs are linked to a different web site URL, firefox didn't display them.


    I found this by installing the Beta 1.5 of firefox. Instead of just not showing the images, it actually puts a broken image placeholder there, giving me the hint in the right direction.



  7. I have flash installed and can view flash items without any difficulty. What I can't see with Firefox that I can with IE is the graphs. Which is truly odd since they appear to just be PNG images.


    Here is what I see when I view that URL. I used about a 2-week old installation of Firefox 1.0.6. But you folks can see them just fine?





    Edit - Viewing the source I found the image at http://server81.totalchoicehosting.com/mrtg/index-day.png, I punch that in to firefox and see it just fine. But I can't tell why in the heck the images aren't showing up on the page.

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