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    I am looking to see if the version of php installed on your servers has gd erm dll or program installed in it like this one http://www.boutell.com/gd/ Reason I ask is because i need something like this so I can generate thumbnails on the fly from a photo/pic forum I am adding into phpbb for my game site..
  2. DO have one odd question.... How could my account here be blamed for the spam when I was never given an smtp outgoing email server? Which would mean the spam would have to be generated and sent out form another server i specified wouldnt it? Not that I am gonna do that you understand... Just not really understanding how a script that would have to run from another outgoing mail server could affect my site...
  3. ok, sorry I didn't understad what you meant when you said that before I have downloaded the program, and am currently reading how to install it
  4. The information I am sendign over it is not exactly highly classified... I just need people to enter comments and such on the webpage, hit send and have it arrive in a specified in box... Looking at whta you suggested, but I don't exactly know php so...
  5. I am looking for a perl script called mailform.pl which is used to convert input form a html form to an email which is sent to the address specified int he html script. Does anyone know where I can get it? so far I have found links to pages about it, but not the file itself.... Also, where would I need to install it when i DO get it?
  6. Ok, no problem, we are going to just run it on an irc server and host a flash chat client on a friends server. thanks for your help
  7. Thank you all And yes David that is what I meant. So I cannot create a weblink which opens a webpage based portal to a chatroom hosted on an IRC server elsewhere? The purpose would only be to allow people to join the room, there would be not bots nor other scripts running, just a window in which people could type to talk. If this is not permitted, that is ok I just want to be sure I am correct in saying this. I have been speaking to a friend about it, prior to this and apparenlty a Java program on the webspace would allow this. If it is not allowed I will drop this idea, or perhaps just run the phpmychat.
  8. Sorry it isn't an actual irc room, just a chatroom. I wasn't trying to ddos anyone nor create any kind of bot, merely a discussion room for another site I am working on, however if this is not allowed I will attempt to create an IRC room and then merely create a web portal so that users may connect to that using the web. If this is allowed that is...
  9. Hi, I know I can have an IRC chatroom on my site using the software I have in my cpanel selections, however, The chat room I need to build I need to also be able to connect with using IRC clients such as MIRC. Currently I do not seem able using the chatroom function, and I KNOW I wont be able to if I use phpmychat. Is there a way I can do this? either by having a program installed or by some kind of script? Please help my users need to be able to connect in both ways (via webportal and via mirc client)
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