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  1. Ok, took a fresh look at the error message again this morning and it turns out that the "images" file was the file that was causing the problem, I renamed it and was able to install! Thanks again!
  2. Is this answering my 2nd question? I wasn't going to use Fantastico to move it I can download it all and upload it. But I don't understand the original problem - Why can't Fantastico upload to the root directory? Why give me an error that the public_html has to be removed?
  3. I want to install Joomla 1.5 so I can use it for my new site. When I go to install it says to leave the directory blank to install in the root directory of the domain (access example: http://domain/). However when I leave it blank I get an error that says tha the directory already exists and I have to remove the blahblahbah/public_html directory. I wish I saved the exact message but I didn't, sorry. Do I really want to remove the public_html directory? A related question -- since I encountered that error I figured I'd create a new directory and just start setting up everything in there then later move everything to where it needs to go -- can that be done? And if I do move it where would I move it to -- the public_html directory? Will that effect the database associated with Joomla -- do I have to rename the databases or will it magically work?
  4. I've decided to give Drupal a try, I installed it via Fantastico but the version it installs is not the lastest version - 5.1 vs. 5.2 (security updates) since I haven't used it I decided to do the upgrade however I get this error message and I'm not sure what it means. The 5.1 install worked just fine btw. Error message: Unsupported database type The database type is unsupported. Please use either mysql for MySQL 3.x & 4.0.x databases, mysqli for MySQL 4.1.x+ databases, or pgsql for PostgreSQL databases. The database information is in your settings.php file. For more help, see the Installation and upgrading handbook. If you are unsure what these terms mean you should probably contact your hosting provider. Any suggestions on what I need to do?
  5. Well that's not how I did it, there IS a reset screen... but thanks for saying sorry.
  6. This is the first time you guys really let me down! After 3 hours of waiting I didn't need a help ticket...I figured out how to reset the thing myself!
  7. Hopefully my new password will arrive soon -- but I can't use my FTP program without the current password for my site - thats the missing link right now.
  8. I don't remember exacty what happened, the only thing I know is that I submitted a help ticket about my stats not updating last week, in return I was sent a message to reset my password - I still have the email with a link to update my cpanel password. Maybe that's why I can't remember requesting the change... edit: the link to update my password is of course no longer active.
  9. Thanks Bruce, but just submitted a ticket but I didn't submit a ticket last time...
  10. I recently had my password reset - I can get into my cpanel but now I can't ftp anything to my site so I guess I have to change that password too, except I can't find the new password. I know I didn't submit a help ticket to get the password reset, I had the new password sent to me...how did I do that again...
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and quick answers!
  12. OOPS! Forgot the most important question - is there a "parking" fee?
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