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  1. Just so everyone knows, the File Uplaod Component will not function in the shared environment at TCH.


    You can install the component in the dedicated environment of course.


    I just need a few more clients to justify the move...


    Happy coding everyone.

  2. We live in the cone of death baby! (S. Floridian Term, don't know if it has made it out.)


    At this point, we have pretty much realized that we are screwed this year and bound to be hit. All the pros down here are saying that it's going to be noticably worse than last year, and boy are they right so far.





    My wife and I recently moved to an area closer to the beach, but it's a much safer place. It's built to take on hurricanes, steel reenforced cement walls, double clipped roof, safe room built in, generator, accordian shutters. We're not going anywhere for anything short of a 5.


    Now the neighborhoods around us, unfortunately are older and much less able to take it on. If it were just me, bring it on, but my concern lies with those less able to be prepared.

  3. I have a degree is Business Management.


    I work for a large web hosting company supporting web servers.


    I also own my own web hosting reseller through TCH.


    I also own a business doing custom saltwater aquariums that I hope to be able to do full time in a few years.



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