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  1. Hello, Autoresponders canno't have attachements but you could include a link to download the word document in the autoresponder.
  2. Hello, You can restore the database from within phpmyadmin using the import facility and you can also take a backup of your database from within cPanel backup facilit which will allow you to download a .sql backup of your choosen database, if I remember correctly you can also restore a database from the backup of section of your control panel also but doing it via phpmyadmin is better (in my aopinion anyway).
  3. Hello, Sounds like you will have to wait until the guy that setup the forum, it about 2:15 in the UK so shouldn't be too long until he is online.
  4. Hello, Where exactly are you trying to login to? your control panel or a script that you have installed.
  5. Hello, Welcome to the forums, have you tried looking at the macromedia support site? it may offer some assistance.
  6. Welcome to the forums! have a look in http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_...rams/index.html do a search maybe you will find something in there. Search for Subscription Manager, Download Manager, E-Downloads etc should bring some things up.
  7. Welcome to the forums luckyvi!
  8. Hello, Great reply Leigh, sure has some good information and quite interesting.
  9. Hello, I am not sure if TCH offers discounts or deals for non-profit best bet is to contact sales. You can open a ticket to sales from the helpdesk.
  10. Hello, Without knowing the exact error can I just ask, did you add the user to the database from your cPanel?
  11. A Man I’ll Never Be Next: James Blunt
  12. Hello, Just remember to be careful when using a delete product like this because in some programs once you have deleted it a file its gone and gone for good.
  13. Hello, I use opera now and again and I tested it with WHM and couldn't see any problems, of course I do prefer firefox
  14. Hello, If you do go down the route of storing credit card details check to see what encryption and protection that x-cart offers.
  15. TCH-Mark


    Hello, Glad we could be of assistance.
  16. llo, The browser being closed does seem to be something else, normally as you probably know you should be able to click yes or no and proceed from there. What I suggest is try firefox and see if you can find exactly where the non-secure URL is coming from (usually check the source code when you load the page)
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