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  1. THe WP page I linked actually had a zone alarm fix but it didn't work either, that is why I came here. Hoping someone else had the problem and had been able to fix it.
  2. I've installed WP several times on my on computer, both manually and with Fantastico, and have never had this problem either. But apparently it is common since there were a lot of replies on the WP thread about the fix for it. It seems that it is a 2.0 problem. I did have my friend disable Zone Alarm and while it works when he does that, I was hoping to find a fix that didn't put him at risk. The subdomain was created before the install of WP. And yeah, the URL used to login is the one like that up above except that it says wp-login instead of login. As I said he can login just fine, it's just when he tries to post that he gets the "referrers" message. Thanks for your help!
  3. I've set up a subdomain on my account for a friend of mine for his blog. I installed WP through fantastico and tested the logon on my own machine. Everything worked fine. But when he tried to change things in his options panel he got the message: Sorry, you need to enable sending referrers for this feature to work. After doing some research I found an article from WP about how to fix the problem. I had him try the IE fix and the Zone Alarm fix. Neither of those worked. So then I tried the changing the subdomain url fix. That one worked for him to change the options of his blog, but then he tried to post an entry and he got the error message again! Argh. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it?
  4. How do I figure out which server I am on?
  5. It's fixed now! Once again TCH saves the day! Thanks so much Bruce. Sorry for being such a dimwit!
  6. I am a total idiot! Seriously! I never noticed the other templates there. Somedays I think I am too stupid to be allowed internet access.
  7. I don't have either of those. Maybe they are reorganized in the new version. This is MT 3.17. But thanks anyway, for trying to help!
  8. Hmm..not sure which one you mean. These are the templates I have to chose from: Atom Index Dynamic Site Bootstrapper Main Index Master Archive Index RSD RSS 1.0 Index RSS 2.0 Index Stylesheet I've checked all of them.
  9. I had deleted the words between the h1 tags on both the main index template and the archive template. But don't see where else it should be deleted from.
  10. I don't know really how to explain my problem, let's blame it being nearly 1am and on me having sat at my computer for more than 14 hours today, but the title/header text thing keeps showing up on every page but the main page. I put in my own header (a .gif file) so I don't want the auto text there. I thought I fixed it in the templates, but it shows up every time I click on a past entry. For instance: it looks fine here on the main page - http://blog.darkgraysheep.com/ But click on any other page, even the comments page and in big white letter's at the top of the page sits my blog title. I've republished the indexes, I've refreshed my browser, I don't know what else to do. Any ideas would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  11. Thanks to David I got my blog up and running last week, now I have another question. I want to have a webcam, but I have no idea how much bandwith I would be using. I don't want to go over my limit. I have the silver account. So is there any way to calculate how much bandwidth a webcam might take up per hour? Thanks in advance!
  12. Testing everything out, but I think it is working! YES!
  13. AHA!! Light bulb moment. Thanks! It works! Testing it out now to make sure everything is fully functional...but I think that did it!
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