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  1. Ok then. Thanks. I will have him send me all the files and I setup the site for him then. Seems like this is the best option I can take.


    I was not insisting on setting some sort of quota, I just thought I need to have the available options known before I will promise him anything.

  2. Showcasing a demo site, using your domain name, should be fine - but note that pointing a separate domain name to the files in a subdirectory would be against out policy - I'm assuming that you just wanted to upload the files though, and use your own domain name :)


    Yes, a subdomain under my registered domain name at most, probably I may not even create a subdomain for this purpose requiring the visitor to enter the actual path directly.


    You can not set up quota's for an FTP accound under cpanel.


    So, will this be entertained if I file a support ticket? If not, then I need to really closely monitor how much bandwidth and disk quota he has consumed if I am to allow him to put the site on, or I need to request him to give me the files and SQL script. I install for him so I know exactly the size it will be, but still I have little control over how much bandwidth it will be able to consume. Maybe I just worry too much.

  3. Probably raised before, but as I didn't find anything from my search, here it goes ...


    I have a friend who would like to showcase a temporary demo site to a small group of people and asked me if I have some space and bandwidth in my hosting account to spare. I have plenty, considering that is temporary and is unlikely to suck up my bandwidth, I am inclined to do him the favour by giving him a dedicated FTP account with access only to a given directory under public_html. I can create the account through CPanel, so this is not the problem. I think he is a trusted guy, but still I think it will be wise for me to set a bandwidth limit and disk quota to make sure. I didn't find any related options in CPanel (I think I have at least seen it on another host, probably).


    So, is this available here?

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