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  1. It's already Monday morning at the place I live. Looking forward to seeing your announcement Tuesday when I wake up (or Monday night before I go to sleep).
  2. Here in Hong Kong, I am unable to access many US sites including Google, or require many minutes to load a page for the rest. Earlier I was unable to reach my Web site at Totalchoice as well as this forum.
  3. Ok then. Thanks. I will have him send me all the files and I setup the site for him then. Seems like this is the best option I can take. I was not insisting on setting some sort of quota, I just thought I need to have the available options known before I will promise him anything.
  4. Yes, a subdomain under my registered domain name at most, probably I may not even create a subdomain for this purpose requiring the visitor to enter the actual path directly. So, will this be entertained if I file a support ticket? If not, then I need to really closely monitor how much bandwidth and disk quota he has consumed if I am to allow him to put the site on, or I need to request him to give me the files and SQL script. I install for him so I know exactly the size it will be, but still I have little control over how much bandwidth it will be able to consume. Maybe I just worry too much.
  5. Probably raised before, but as I didn't find anything from my search, here it goes ... I have a friend who would like to showcase a temporary demo site to a small group of people and asked me if I have some space and bandwidth in my hosting account to spare. I have plenty, considering that is temporary and is unlikely to suck up my bandwidth, I am inclined to do him the favour by giving him a dedicated FTP account with access only to a given directory under public_html. I can create the account through CPanel, so this is not the problem. I think he is a trusted guy, but still I think it will be wise for me to set a bandwidth limit and disk quota to make sure. I didn't find any related options in CPanel (I think I have at least seen it on another host, probably). So, is this available here?
  6. I confirmed this or a similar Hotfix cleared the error for me. Just thought you may be interested to know.
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