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  1. Well, for mail clients they *can* It is possible for a server to make it so that you have to check incoming mail within a certain time frame before trying to send. And if you haven't, it won't let you send.


    I'm actually not sure if TCH is set up that way. But scripts are *definitely not* restricted by it. You could have a look at some of the form mail scripts (like dodos mail) or the open source boards (like phpbb) to see how they deal with it. =) I think that they do use PHPmail as opposed to smtp - but this is so far out of my realm of knoweldge that it's best I stop talking. ;)

  2. You can use scripts to send mail, people do it all thetime. PHPBB for instance can send confirmation emails, I know my site sends emails to users without problems.


    I can't program, so I'm not really sure how this is accomplished, but the major packages shouldn't have any problems sending email.


    What program are you attempting to use? We can go from there. =)

  3. I can't tell you how to do a screenshot as I don't know what operating system you're on. On OSX I use a program called 'snap'n'drag'.


    In windows i believe it's ctrl ptrscreen then paste it into a document or some such. Or get a program to do it properly =)


    You may want to make sure that all your paths are right. Are you having any other display problems on the control panel side?

  4. Betty,


    As far as someone doing something malicious to TCH's servers, yes they can get in trouble.


    However -- if they use an insecure script on your account, or guess your password, or somesuch - then its your responsibility and you can get in trouble too. That's why it's important to listen to that email and keep your scripts up-to-date. =)

  5. The reason is because of how the server is setup. public_html IS your document root. IE: public_html = /


    So, anything inside public_html is a subdirectory, and resolves ******/radio etc.


    This has nothing to do with MT, but rather with how servers work. =)


    If you want to store the pages inside /radio you can use a redirect. But then you'd have to figure out something else for / - is there some reason in particular you're handling it that way?


    2) Screenshot? I have no idea what you're talking about. It may be a stylesheet issue, though.

  6. Unless you're planning on downloading the raw logs and processing them locally on your computer, I would highly suggest against this. Running stats programs takes a *lot* of processor and running another one in a shared hosting environment is likely to cause some problems.


    I believe that Urchin can do per hour stats, but it has a licensing fee.

  7. That would depend on how they "hacked" and what they did.


    For instance, if they just guessed your password - TCH would have no idea.


    But if they did something malicious that harmed the servers, then it would be known.


    But I doubt that not seeing images on your board is a symptom of being hacked. If you think it has been you should submit a ticket to the Help Desk immediately. =)

  8. 110: Standard POP3 port.

    25: Standard SMTP port. Lots of places block it now - if your ISP blocks it, try 26. (If you can't send mail, that is =) )


    You created this account sometime today - right? When you did that, you created a password for it. That's the password to use.

  9. It sounds like you (and that post) missed a major step in the installation. That is the creation of the tables.


    from Drupal's installation guide:


    Create tables (using phpmyadmin, go to database -> SQL -> load database.mysql file which comes with drupal in /database/ directory)


    I don't think you did that, which is exemplified by the table not existing (that's what your error says)

  10. Just remember that if you do a fresh install you willl lose - not only your entries, but your templates as well. Those do NOT get exported.


    I would suggest that you post in the MT forums if nooone here has a suggestion. Reinstalling for an ugprade should never be necessary withi any script. I'm sure that they've seen this problem many times over there. =)

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