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  1. Not sure if the Techs are aware of this. It only seems to be with Wordpress right now. I was just playing around with blogs on one of my sites hosted with TCH and was going to install Wordpress via Softaculous and received this notice:


    WordPress cannot be installed in the Free version of Softaculous! Please notify your Server Admin to purchase the premium version of Softaculous!


    Not a biggie for me. Might be for folks who join TCH looking to start a blog and not wanting to upload it manually. :)


    Edit: Pardon the typo in the Subject heading... Softalicious should read Softaculous! :D

  2. I already put in a ticket for this, but hopefully nobody else had this problem...


    Accessing one of my sites, I got a Database error message on my main pages due to socket errors. So I went to myPhpAdmin and got this message:


    phpMyAdmin - Error


    #2002 - The server is not responding (or the local MySQL server's socket is not correctly configured)


    Then I went into My Databases and saw I was missing ALL my databases. I'm hoping I can get them back. I put a lot of work into my site and had a steady traffic. Now my site is down cause of the MySQL socket error and I have no databases. Bummer! :helpsmilie:


    I do hope it's just a server error.

  3. I created a help desk ticket and got a response from TCH-Carl. He's given me a rundown of how persistent connections work and how TCH deals with open connections and such. He recommended I ask here on the

    forums for help.


    You are using persistent connection to the server and hece each time the script is invoked, it might create a new session. You need to remove the persistent connection option and make sure that all database sessions are killed after script execution. You can get more information about this from other members of the forum who are using such scripts. Just post your request here
    The program I use is Directory97 PRO which is a Links Directory script.


    Is anyone familiar with knowing how to change the persistent connection option to a regular one or whatever the term would be called for a non-persistent connection?


    I actually requested help on the forums for Directory97 PRO and this is the response I got from the creator: click here


    I do enjoy this script and would like to use it, so if anyone can help me resolve this issue, I'd be grateful. The error I get is


    Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: User xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/directory/includes/config.php on line 14


    User xxxxxxx_xxxxxxx has already more than 'max_user_connections' active connections


    Thanks! :)

  4. Is this search including non - persistent connections? I don't mean to be rude but I can easily search for scripts, lol. I'm just seeing if anyone knows of one I can use that isn't going to give my visitors errors on a daily basis. :)

  5. Does anyone use or know of a good (free) Links Directory script that doesn't rely on persistent connections (pconnect) that will make the max_users_connections error to come up?


    I tried the one in Fantastico and am currently running DIR97Pro. DIR97Pro isn't as bad, but when my site begins getting more hits, I'm afraid it's gonna shut down a lot and give visitors that error. :)

  6. Please submit a Help Desk ticket using the link at the top of this page. For the requested fields just put 'unknown' if you are not sure of the answer. In the ticket, include your zip code, phone number, and last four digits of the credit card used to order as a security measure.




    Thanks for the help. Ticket submitted.



    Eric DeMars

  7. Dear TCH,


    I recently reformatted my hard drive and one of the emails I didn't backup was a Welcome message to one of my accounts that I have with you.


    I attempted to get the information from a co-webmaster of mine, but he didn't save any of the usernames or passwords. When he logs in, he set it so the passwords were already saved so he just needed to click the OK button.


    I have my cPanel name and domain name but cannot remember the password for the life of me. Therefore, I cannot "Submit a Ticket" like I typically should in this instance.


    Is there a Support person I can talk to in private to get my Welcome message resent to me?


    Much thanks,

    Eric DeMars

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