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  1. A client of mine currently has their website hosted by a hosting company and an Exchange email server that they run themselves. I'm looking to move their website over to TCH and was wondering how this should be setup.


    How do I go about setting up the subdomain and MX record for the Exchange server in CPanel?




  2. I for one would have appreciated some sort of warning or notice (email?) that my forms would no longer be working. My boss is asking me how much money I think we lost with our customers not being able to submit their requests for product application information.


    Any thoughts about some sort of email warning like "Hey folks we're making a change to our services that could adversely affect your web site."


  3. I just submitted my first help ticket, and I was bit surprised to find that the "Cpanel Password" field is just a plain old text field. Is there a reason that it isn't a standard password field so everything is asterick-ed out? I found myself looking over my shoulder as I filled out my ticket, knowing that someone would have full access to my site's admin interface with that password.

  4. I was wondering if someone could help me with a simple CronTab. Unfortunatly, I've never used them before, and I have no idea of the commands or syntax.


    I want to copy two files (let's call them "file1.html" and "file2.html") from the folder "private" (which I created on the root level) to "www/destinationfolder", replacing the two existing files.


    The CronTab scheduler seems easy enough to figure out, so I should be fine with that.




  5. My primary email account (Let's call it my @.com account.) is the same domain as my hosted website. Now, when I signed up for TCH, I used my secondary account (@.net) since the @.com was the domain that would be in transition as I switched hosting providors.


    Once my account was all set up and everything was switched over, I changed my contact address in CPanel to @.com. (Ya know, that link at the top that says "Update Contact Info".) But all of the support announcements I've recieved have gone to my @.net account.


    Did I do something wrong and it didn't get changed properly? Or is there something else I have to do?




  6. Let's say that today I create a message board in my webspace. Now say I upgrade my Silver Hosting account to a reseller account. Is it possible to move that message board to a new domain that I create in my reseller account?



    What made TCH choose Invision over phpBB? What advantages does it have? I've used phpBB in the past, and like it well enough, but is there anything about Invision that would make it worth the hassle of installing? (Comparatively speaking, of course.)




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