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  1. For years I have been using AshNews on my site as my blog (I patched the exploit that exists in it) but now the spam is getting annoying. I could write my own anti spam mod for Ash News but don't have the time. Same problem with writing my own. SO I am looking for a GOOD blog script that allows EASY integration into an existing site.Ash News lets me do this by just using a simple php include but no others seem to support this feature. The only one I found is a remote site based one (phpblogmanager) but it is blocked from accessing my FTP by TC's servers.
  2. The 20" monitor that came with my new PC is 1680 x 1050 and so it really shows your websites in a new light. I just redesigned my Lazarus site and made it dynamic width. Thats ok for this site as it's pretty simple with minimal content. I am also redesigning a clients site and they said they wanted dynamic. Everything was fine until I came to do the addresses page. There's only so much you can do with an address and a couple of photographs. I think the future lies in fixed widths. Most sites use them now. Even the big sites. I've made their site 760 wide but I am looking at switching to making sites for 1024x768 monitors as the stats show no 800x600 visitors to their site yet. Problem is HTML width is dodgy. The width attribute refers to the screen width and so if you set the divs width to 100% it only covers the screens width. If you have horizontal scroll you will find the div ends at the screens edge along with any backgrounds you have set in it.
  3. Yeah my Lazarus code is pretty much the same. Curious as to why you have the different eols though as it shouldn't make any difference. Certainly hasn't in my experience.
  4. Personally I'd recommend something like imageshack.us for times like this where you want to post a picture on a forum that has attachments disabled.
  5. No ><?php $metaTag = ''; if (empty($_COOKIE['refreshed'])) { $metaTag = '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0">'; setcookie('refreshed', 1); } ?> That needs to be the very first thing on the page. Nothing before it. No white space, no HTML, nothing.
  6. Did you copy my code exactly ?
  7. At present I am using this bit of code I found to check email addresses. > function check_emailaddress($email) { $addr_spec = '([^\\x00-\\x20\\x22\\x28\\x29\\x2c\\x2e\\x3a-\\x3c'. '\\x3e\\x40\\x5b-\\x5d\\x7f-\\xff]+|\\x22([^\\x0d'. '\\x22\\x5c\\x80-\\xff]|\\x5c[\\x00-\\x7f])*\\x22)'. '(\\x2e([^\\x00-\\x20\\x22\\x28\\x29\\x2c\\x2e'. '\\x3a-\\x3c\\x3e\\x40\\x5b-\\x5d\\x7f-\\xff]+|'. '\\x22([^\\x0d\\x22\\x5c\\x80-\\xff]|\\x5c\\x00'. '-\\x7f)*\\x22))*\\x40([^\\x00-\\x20\\x22\\x28'. '\\x29\\x2c\\x2e\\x3a-\\x3c\\x3e\\x40\\x5b-\\x5d'. '\\x7f-\\xff]+|\\x5b([^\\x0d\\x5b-\\x5d\\x80-\\xff'. ']|\\x5c[\\x00-\\x7f])*\\x5d)(\\x2e([^\\x00-\\x20'. '\\x22\\x28\\x29\\x2c\\x2e\\x3a-\\x3c\\x3e\\x40'. '\\x5b-\\x5d\\x7f-\\xff]+|\\x5b([^\\x0d\\x5b-'. '\\x5d\\x80-\\xff]|\\x5c[\\x00-\\x7f])*\\x5d))*'; if (preg_match("!^$addr_spec$!i", $email)) { return true; } else { return false; } } thing is I swear I found a better bit of code and had put it in Lazarus but it's not there now. I'm always cocking up like that.
  8. I would of helped more but I was afk for all of last night. Glad Don got there in the end
  9. Is there a .NET framework available for macs? Only truely crossplatform language I know of is Java. C/C++ is cross platform but you have to write different forms for each or use something like GTK or WX Windows.
  10. I left >$acmailtext .= _AKOCOMMENT_ADMINMAILFOOTER; in to show from where to replace the code. The code adds new line markers to the message body so it should be on different lines. If not come back and we can work on that.
  11. You will find most people recommend SMF as it's free yet very powerful. I personally use it along with one of the captcha mods available. These mods mean guests have to pass a captcha test when posting. It also means you don't have the default captcha image for registrations which should help foil the programs that can read forum captcha. MyBB seems quite nice and powerful as well but I don't have any experience with it except posting in a forum that uses it. UNB is very pretty and a good forum but not as powerful as either of the above two and seems to be written by just one person.
  12. Simplest way would of just been to use >$acmailtext .= _AKOCOMMENT_ADMINMAILFOOTER; $headers .= 'From: ' . $ac_notify_email; mail($ac_notify_email,_AKOCOMMENT_ADMINMAILHEADER,strip_tags($acmailtext),$headers); I stripped most headers as your from address is the only header you need as emails are sent plaintext by default. The strip_tags function will strip all the HTML from the message for you.
  13. I would say either the meta refresh and PHP or Javascript. At the VERY start of the page you'd put ><?php $metaTag = ''; if (empty($_COOKIE['refreshed'])) { $metaTag = '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0">'; setcookie('refreshed', 1); } ?> Then where the meta refresh tag goes put ><?php echo $metaTag; ?> This way the meta refresh tag should only appear the first time the page is loaded. I'd recommend this method over the javascript as a few may have javascript turned off.
  14. In theory the software should be the faster method (so long as it's well coded) because it is talking directly to the database. If you were using a browser you would require a web server to act as middle man. You also get the extra time required to download all the HTML etc. The software should just be sending the required data directly to the database without all this surplus. Plus with software you can build checks directly into the program without going into javascript or checking the data once it's been sent to the server.
  15. I bet they do a course in speaking Geordie
  16. Personally I can't stand CMS as you are then stuck with using whatever modules they have available. One of the moderators on my Lazarus forums is currently using Joomla and has tried Droopal. The only way he could get Lazarus to work with Joomla was by making a new module with an iframe. Tried with Droopal and it totally screwed Lazarus up.
  17. I'd recommend specifying a font family and size etc in your menulist definitions. Also have you have now noticed the different browsers have different ideas of what the border outset, ridge etc should be.
  18. Have a look at opensourcecms.com where you can try scripts out before choosing.
  19. A quick search on Google should provide you with the password to access the bios. You getting any beeps on start up?
  20. 1 - You have taken the USB stick out when trying to boot up? 2 - My Acer is the same when running on battery but is fine when on mains.
  21. Actually I implemented something similar a while back into the guestbook script I write. The admin can specify a time delay before a post will be accepted and a time limit for which the form is valid. I place a mildly encrypted timestamp into a hidden input to show when the form was generated.
  22. According to the specs there should be no space between the -f and the email address.
  23. Frontpage is being replaced with Expressions which is a more robust editor along with a couple of other programs like image editor. Nvu is good although there is a fork to it called KompoZer.
  24. Not that it makes a difference on TC servers but the -f parameter will result in an error if the server is in safe mode.
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