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  1. I did notice that Viper had passed on. Wonder why he finally quit? Although I did look at the viper code once and he was using over 100 lines of code for his BBcode/AGcode functionality when Lazarus, like most forums, uses about 15 (although the inclusion of FLASH has almost doubled this). I suppose I should take a look at writing a ViperGB to LazarusGB converter.
  2. Ah your moving it would probably explain the error messages I got when trying to reply to the threads.
  3. Lazarus is software now Some host actually offer Lazarus as part of their scripts package just not my hosts lol. The cheating way to install Lazarus would be to install Advanced Guestbook via Fantastico (it is still there isn't it?) then copy the AG information from it's config.inc.php to the Lazarus one. Upload the Lazarus files and visit install.php in your web browser. BTW the Base Url is now stored in the database. I would remove it from config file but then people would have to replace theirs. I am looking at rewriting the way Lazarus is installed so you can supply the database information on installation. As to your other problem it is [NAME] and not [name].
  4. carbonize


    It is [NAME] and not [name]. Any other problems feel free to contact me although, as you can see, the TC forums or even the Lazarus forums will probably get you answered quicker.
  5. Wow totally off topic there. Anyway instead of PHP have a look at ASP (if TC supports it) since I believe that can do most of the work for you. Or look into the Adobe suite (Dreamweaver and Coldfusion).
  6. SMF, like a lot of big forum scripts, limits the amount of failed log ins an IP can make before banning them. I believe phpBB 3 (Olympus) has this feature but is still at RC1. Most now also let you set a security level on the password they put in to make sure they are secure.
  7. INSERT INTO tablename (fieldname1, fieldname2, fieldname3) VALUES (value1, value2, value3) You can make it shorter if you know the order of your fields in which case you can drop the field names.
  8. Auto update, if available, should be in Admin -> Packages. Back up files just by downloading them to your computer using FTP. Update by downloading update files (you might require full package going from 105 to 108) and simply replacing your existing files with the new ones.
  9. I assume he is referring to SMF since that is what he is using on his site. 1.0.8 is the last v1 release I believe with 1.1.2 being the current 1.1 release. My advice is to manually update.
  10. I read this yesterday on Engadget so downloaded it. Yes it's fast but it's font smoothing sucks. Also I'd say it's more alpha than beta. I didn't find it faster than my Firefox. A lot of people have reported crashes or bugs but thats probably due to Mac coders not being used to coding for computers that can have an almost unlimited variety of set ups. Oh and 6 exploits have already been found for it but then who's going to put an exploit on their site that only catches 0.001% of web users? If you want a freaky browser take a look at spacetime.com. Talk about resource heavy. Oh and whilst Safari's inline search is fancy it's bugged as the overlay it generates does not scroll with the windows contents.
  11. Took me a while to figure out how to integrate it as it's not as easy as a simple include call. I wrote a wrapper file following their instructions that I can supply to anyone who wants it with instructions on how to use it. Once I got it working it's pretty nice. Can disable things like archives, calendar etc with ease. I'm in the process of manually transferring some of my old entries across to make the change almost seamless. It also has a load of anti spam features in place. Captcha, askimet, comment moderation and some weird options like only use captcha for comments on posts older than x days.
  12. Well after trying to customise WP to suit my needs I decided to go back to hunting. I finally found Serendipity which is a fully fledged blog script but allows you to use it via a PHP include call.
  13. As JTD says there is possibly something in the settings of LeapFTP that is the problem. I personally use FileZilla but it's multiple connections feature can cause problems if set to high.
  14. Not sure if preg_split can be used for double splitting like that. If each string is seperate you could loop through them. The regex would be something like '!(\{\$\w\$\}) (.+)!' or something similar.
  15. A good script has your email in the script and not visible in the form.
  16. Whichever you choose to use make sure it has some anti spam capability such as CAPTCHA. I wrote a basic contact form for a client of mine (a small local company) and they stated receiving spam emails from it. Luckily I just slapped my captcha code from Lazarus into it. I am actually in the middle of updating their site and am rewriting the contact form to use database sessions for added anti spam measures as well as storing all sent emails in the database in case they get deleted or lost on route.
  17. Being in Britain I can't really help I just wanted to comment on the amount of IT courses there are out there that claim to be 'the one' employers want. A degree, certificate etc is all very well but what a lot of employers really want is experience. I've known so called IT experts (this one charges £400 a month and works for around 10 small companies) spend and hour reinstalling printer drivers and running diagnostics because the printer wasn't working. My partner phones meabout it so I asked if the cable was actually plugged in. Guess what
  18. Or if you need to get multiple answers you could use an array such as chk[fancy] chk[cuttingedge] chk[creative] then you should get the results as an array.
  19. I believe that Coffeecup, amongst others, have made a spider that will crawl your site and create the Google site map files for you.
  20. I was thinking more of TC adding a notice on the Fantastico page saying that the scripts offered are possibly out of date and that the person installing should check for updates once the script has been installed as it is easier to update than to install from scratch.
  21. Does TC have any control over the Fantastico on here? I mean I just installed WP via Fantastico to play with it and I am aware it is out of date but many people just install stuff from Fantastico and don't bother to check if it's the latest version or even check for updates in the future.
  22. To be honest pagination code is a pain in the rear. The basics are you first have to figure out how many pages you need in total. You do this by dividing the total number of entries by the number of entries you are displaying per page and rounding it up using ceil(). Now you know how many pages you will have in total. Now it all depends on what you want to do. You could just display a link to all the pages at the bottom including the current page. Or you could display them all but work out the current page and make it inactive as a link and different from the other page numbers. OR .... You get fancy like forums and Lazarus and have it display the first page and last page and then x number of pages either side of the current page. This is where it gets icky. WhenI was writing the code for Lazarus I looked at how SMF did it to get the rough idea and then wrote my own from scratch.
  23. Hmm isn't the version being offered in Fantastico vulnerable? I don't have access to my cPanel from here as works ave blocked my domain.
  24. You'd think so. Started playing last night but some of my classes clash. Will play some more since ths seems to be the only option short of modding ashnews/writing my own.
  25. I already read up on WordPress and basically to integrate it you have redesign the template to match your site.
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