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  1. Personaly I'd say ditch Nero as a media player and use something like Gomplayer to play your video files.
  2. Ok here I am sat waiting for the Transformers movie. Yes I am a geek, I actually had the original comics from issue 1. Anyway I see the July 4th date being touted on the website and posters so I think 'Great, I'm off that weekend'. So imagine my disgust when I go to prebook my tickets only to find it wont be released here in the UK until July 27th! Apparently it is already out in Australia (correct me if I'm wrong) and it comes out in the Netherlands the same time it's coming out in the States so what gives? As it states on hxxp://www.transformersthemovie.com/NewsItem.asp?Ref=1336
  3. Well OK thats why I am using it on a site I am making. I have the site centered with a width of 760px. Some pages are smaller than the screen height and others are not. So when going between them everything shifts sideways which makes it appear that the design has changed.
  5. Possibly to add consistency across their site otherwise you get that bouncing effect when going from a page without the scrollbar to a page with it.
  6. I'm not familiar with Macs so no help there. On the Lazarus front you could just install Advanced Guestbook from Fantastico and update it to Lazarus.
  7. Have a look at Xampp or Xampplite. I use this on my Windows PC and carry a copy on my USB stick. They also do a Mac version - hxxp://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html
  8. Try it on a folder within testfolder. Failing that have a look at php.net/chmod where someone has posted the code to do it by FTP.
  9. Yes but PHP can not chmod testfolder unless public_html is chmodded to 777. try ><? if (@chown("testfolder/", nobody)) echo 'Owner changed<br>'; else echo 'Failed to change owner<br>'; if (@chmod("testfolder/",777)) echo 'Folder permissions changed'; else echo 'Failed to change permissions'; ?>
  10. And is the folder you are trying to chmod contained within the folder you have set to 777 ?
  11. Do you have the correct permissions set on the folder containing the folder you are trying to chmod?
  12. As I said before simple sums like that are to easy for a spammer to parse.
  13. Ah the dreaded Drupal. I tried to get Lazarus to work with it but it does something to it's modules that I couldn't be bothered investigating.
  14. As it says on that page (kind of) you could get around it not working in FF by using the :focus pseudo element in your css. They demonstrate on hxxp://www.dynamicdrive.com/morezone/csseffect.htm
  15. In Lazarus I use $include_path = dirname(__FILE__); Which gives me the directory path of the file in question. Couldn't you use something similar?
  16. I thought about that along with rendomly generated answers but to find the requierd string would just require some regex since it doesn't fit most word structures. Your idea has the flaw that once the string is found they just parse the uppercase letters.
  17. 1 - Thickbox is great. I use it for the Lazarus downloads. 3 - Care to elaborate on what you meant by coloured inputs? I'm thinking of things like <input type="text" with a background set via css.
  18. 1 - Why not use Ajax or take a look at Thickbox 2 - Won't really stop bots 3 - Why IE only?
  19. Thought about that but again it only works for people with good eyesight and a graphical browser. Before adding CAPTCHA to Lazarus it had a simple question/answer system to stop spam (apparently this method is called SAPTCHA). After doing some reading about various methods (audio mainly) I have come up with an idea. My Idea The admin can specify a list of words to be used as the 'answers' to the test and one will be selected at random per session. The admin can also specify a list of single line instructions that will also be selected at random. Each instruction line will have [ANSWER] put at the point to display the answer (possibly with [REWSNA] to display the answer reversed). This way you should end up with a list of instructions/answers unique to each site. Whilst programs can be written to read images I have yet to see one that can understand language properly. Example instructions: Enter [ANSWER] into the text box. What is [REWSNA] written backwards ? Please type [ANSWER] in the box to prove you are not a bot. This is a test to which the answer is [ANSWER]. Enter it below. This method should be accessible to all.
  20. Yes at present I have come up with, and dismissed, around about ten different methods. The only simple way I can perceive is a simple text based instruction into what to type into the box/select. I have seen one script (can't remember which) that used simple sums as it's captcha but since it can be read by a bot it would be easier to break than an image captcha. So we can safely say text based is the best way to go so next we need to devise some sort of logical problem or wording that would be easier for a human but difficult for a computer. We also must avoid things that require preprogrammed responses as then we end up with a limited number of answers. 1. Black is to white as night is to ? Problem there is we would require a list of preset opposites. Only reasonable idea I have had was to use either sums or a list of numbers but change the wording of the sentence. Again we would end up with a limited number of preset sentences though.
  21. I could post this on specialist scripting sites and get really complex answers but I'm a simple man and want simple answers. That and sometimes people on the outside have better ideas. Anyway I am looking at improving the CAPTCHA method used by Lazarus Guestbook. I am trying to find something different from the usual 'Enter the characters from the image' stuff. I do have some ideas of my own but I can also see ways to defeat them so I am posting this request here to see what other people can dream up. Remember the idea must be simple for the end user to do and must not use client side stuff like Javascript. Just to get the ball rolling here is one idea I had and dismissed: I display a solid block of colour and have the guest select the matching colour from a choice of eight using either a select box or radio buttons.
  22. Personally I'd say either get hold of Dreamweaver or try the free alternatives such as Nvu or KompoZer.
  23. In your CSS put html { overflow: scroll; }
  24. Personally I use Dada mail but you will find PHP List in Fantastico so you just need to click it to have it installed for you. There's probably even a way of transferring your list across to it. You would have to alter the template to fit your site though.
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