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  1. Thanks for the detailed replied. As I said it's not a concern just curiosity.
  2. The most secure mailing script (as in a contact form) is one written specially for you or by you. As to not getting you banned you would have to start logging every email sent to make sure you stayed within TC's limits. If you have a basic understanding of PHP then writing your own contact form is pretty simple.
  3. Just curious as to why my server is still running 5.2.5 when 5.2.6 came out May 1st and apprently contains some security fixes? Not a big issue just curious.
  4. Advanced Guestbook is stil being maintained sporadically. Lazarus is a fork of the Advanced Guestbook code but with a lot of extra features and anti spam added. As to Buffalo Gal's question Advanced Guestbook is a stand alone web page so all you have to do is put a link on your site to the guestbook. If you want the guestbook to be a part of your site instead then I would suggest Lazarus as an upgrade to Advanced Guestbook. If you want any help feel free to contact me or use the Lazarus forums.
  5. If you, like me, want to test the upcoming milestone release of Firefox but don't want to risk installing it nor using it as your main web browser then h*tp://portableapps.com have come to the rescue. They have just released a self contained portable version (well self contained in it's own directory) so you don't have to install it. You can get it from h*tp://portableapps.com/apps/internet/firefox_portable/test
  6. Don will be missed. He was a moderator on my Lazarus forums. Now I guess I will have to do it. Just kidding. I have had some good conversations with Don and he was always quick to correct me via PM if he thought doing so in public might be considered embarrassing. See the turtle of enormous girth, upon his back he carries the Earth. Rest in peace Don.
  7. I've only quickly read this entire thread but here's my thinking. Call everything at the start of the page before any HTML. Instead of echoing the output straight away put it into a variable and then echo the variable later in the page where you want it to appear. Without more commenting in your code as to what is going on and what is contained in the including files I could not say more.
  8. 1 - Images moving in Firefox? Care to elaborate? 2 - Are you talking change randomly whilst the person is viewing the page or just picking a random image on page load?
  9. Just remember that Ubuntu does not come with things like Mp3 codec already installed and will ask you to download it when you go to play an MP3.
  10. Personally I use Spamihilator to filter spam from my pop accounts and it's over 99% effective for me. If you use Thunderbird there is also the Spamato extension for spam filtering. You can't stop spam from being sent to you but you can stop it getting to your inbox.
  11. I had this problem and it turned out that TC changed the owner of certain files on the servers to fix a space allocation error. In my case it stopped both forums and my blog from working.
  12. I always send my emails as plain text because al they usually are is text with the occasional attachment. i did a quick Google for 'newsletter templates' but the few I looked at all looked OTT to me.
  13. Yes you will find PHP List in Fantastico although it's not the easiest of things to use and can be confusing as hell at times. I personally use DADA Mail and have done for years. I probably should update it to the latest version.
  14. For spam in SMF I recommend downloading one of the captcha packages that are available as they force guests to have to pass a captcha test to post.
  15. waits for PHP 4.5 to get released
  16. Ah yes you're right. Nasty habit I have of speed reading forums. Using my method he could use deny from .satcom-systems.net but for some reason the server doesn't always get the hostname of visiting ip addresses.
  17. Seriously over complicated there >order allow,deny deny from 62.56.129. allow from all hxxp://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/htaccess5.shtml is a great source of htaccess info.
  18. As GvilleRick actually said just add 62.56.129. to your htaccess file as deny from 62.56.129. there is something to put before it but I forget.
  19. Now we just have to wait for Quicktime Alternative to be updated.
  20. The Warner Bros cinemas over here (now called Vue for some reason) has special showings that are adults only because of such things I admit some cinemas are always adults only but thats a different matter and we wont say why THEIR floors are sticky.
  21. He needs to add a new part, stupid things said by George Bush. Thing would probably go faster than the world population rate.
  22. Nah still not the same. Unless your home theatre system has a 30' screen, over priced popcorn, a sticky floor and someone sat there who wont shut up?
  23. Usually I'd prefer to watch a film at home but I feel that this film is one that is best seen on a huge screen with proper surround sound and audio that is so loud and bassy it makes your stomach churn.
  24. See even backwater USA gets it before the UK.
  25. Thought you had canned that domain in favour of the new one?
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