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  1. I am using Avast at the moment. Version 4.6 has some major improvements in resource usage. I tried AVG once but found it failed to detect several viruses I tested it with. Also AVG requires you to set up your email client to use it where as Avast just scans ALL connections to SMTP and POP ports. It is even programmed to automatically scan all traffic to most Instant messenger and P2P software.

  2. I use PS Pad. Think of Ultraedit but FREE and with a decent FTP client built in. Syntax hilighting for a plethora of languages, function/tag complete, code snippets. Also it does not need installing. I keep a copy on my USB stick so I can work on my scripts when in work.

  3. As stated above MySQL backups need to be restored in small chunks. I was backing up IPB forums recently and the skins table alone was 4MB so really tied the server up. The database for 2.0.6 should be the same as the one in the current version of 2.0.13 but if it's not there will be an update script in the OFFICIAL release from phpBB site. As I stated in another thread avoid using scripts that cPanel offers as they are usually out of date and/or edited from their original form.

  4. The password in the config file is the database password. All other passwords are stored in the database. Your forum password is the only password you will need, if you have admin privledges it will show the administration link at the bottom of the forum.

  5. The question of whether or not my anti spam measures were working is why I made my guestbook store all entries that got classes as spam in the private message table. Last Saturday I switched from the image verification system to the simple anti spam system and told it to start saving the spam entries. Seven days have no past and I have logged over 60 attempted spam entries. They all appear to have come from the same worm/virus as the ICQ number is always the same. I say worm because the posts alway come from different IP's.


    Anyway forms such as the guestbook work by sending the forms information to the script. The information is sent as variable=data. If you look at the url at the top you can see an example of this in action. The spam works by just sending the information straight to the script. Image verification stops it because the required variable will be missing or wrong. My simple anti spam method works by changing the name of one of the variables thus stopping the script from accepting the data.

  6. I've installed Advanced Guestbook and have it running at http://www.amysedaris.com/guestbook .


    I don't like the little "Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark" thing at the top of the page, but I've searched through all the templates and php and can't find it to get rid of it.  Does anyone know where it is?

    Advanced Guestbook is designed to be user friendly. It's so friendly in fact that 99% of the text you see is stored in the language file you are using, in your case english.php. This is found in the lang directory/folder.

  7. And the moral of the story? Don't use scripts from cPanel. Always go to the official source for your scripts and updates. I am part of the Advanced Guestbook support and several times I have been trying to help people who have installed it via cPanel to discover that cPanel had altered the scripts.

  8. OK I have actually updated my simple anti spam method. I switched from my image verification to the simple method seven days ago and have so far stopped 52 attempted spam postings (I have had it saving spam entries into private messages)


    You can find instructions for my simple anti spam method for both Advanced Guestbook 2.2. and 2.3.1 at http://carbonize.co.uk/Board/viewtopic.php?t=69.


    I came up with the simple version as I wanted a method that was invisible to real users and image verification had some problems as well as requiring GD to be supplied.

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