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  1. Ah you must have a pro account then.
  2. I'm personally on the Aurora channel so using Firefox 6 right now. I am loving the new web dev stuff as well as the new permissions (about:permissions) which function a lot like in Opera. In Firefox 7 (Nightly) it's now a bit like Chrome in that it doesn't show the http:// in the url bar but will show https://.
  3. I don't have Trillian installed any more except on my Android phone but to my knowledge the core functionality of the various protocols has remained unchanged.
  4. I used Trillian 5 for a while before it went ad based. The interface is a lot cleaner than Astra that's for sure. The email integration they introduced to try and compete with Digsby's is a bit hit and miss in my opinion and has never successfully deleted an email from AIM/AOL. Being Trillian you already know it's protocols and code base is rock solid. I'd say it's worth trying but as I have also just said I have not tried it since it went ad based.
  5. ALL modern browsers support it including IE9. The only issue we have is Microsoft refusing to support the WebM codec and giving some lame excuse as to why. Just remember to have a fall back such as Flash.
  6. Just thought I'd see if any had been updated and I found this one which does not ask for your username and password and instead uses your cookie to login for extra security. Also the only one I have ever seen that will flash when you have new mail.
  7. I'm currently using Webmail Manager since neither Gmail addon works with Firefox 4. BTW any one else find it annoying that you have to click on the quick reply twice?
  8. The recent update from DSO to SuPHP as the PHP handler has fixed the issue for me on matra. Updates now happen almost instantly and I don't get asked for my FTP details.
  9. Best practice to have included it anyway Hell at least you used mysql_close unlike some scripts I have seen.
  10. Just to demonstrate I went to update one of my plugins and here is the result. Downloading update from http://downloads.wor...rm-… Unpacking the update… Installing the latest version… Deactivating the plugin… Removing the old version of the plugin… Could not remove the old plugin. Plugin upgrade failed. Actions: Return to Plugins page
  11. I get it all the time though. Be it updating plugins or WordPress. It very rarely succeeds.
  12. Now if only auto update would work properly on TC servers :|
  13. The beta of Trillian 5 is now available to download.
  14. Yeah that was pretty much my reaction as well but I think they realised that Astra was crap. Most of the work on Astra was back end stuff such as serverside storage and web IM. You can read about Trillian 5 at http://www.trillian.im/learn/tour-trillian5.html and it's the first time in a very very long time I've actually been intrested in a Trillian version.
  15. So Trillian has announced Trillian 5 which looks a lot cleaner. Nice to see they actually listen to their users. I'm hoping Trillian 5 will improve their rushed Facebook/Twitter implementations as well as their rushed email handling. I think they rushed these features as they are what a lot of people were going to DIgsby for.
  16. Just some updates. PHP 4 is coming to the end of it's life now so there will be no further updates. PHP 6 in it's present form, has been scrapped due to the complexity of adding unicode support to strings but some of it's features will be back ported to PHP 5.4.
  17. For IE8 try removing it and then reinstalling it. there is a problem I posted a fix for on my blog which is open up a command prompt (Windows key + R then type in CMD and hit run) and put in regsvr32 actxprxy.dll and hit enter. As to the Firefox issues it does sound like a possible malware issue or messed up DNS cache/Hosts file.Download CCLeaner and run it to clear up waste files and the DNS cache. Now run something like Malwarebytes to check for any malware. As to the hosts file just open it up in wordpad to see if something has been added.
  18. Apart from a lack of the actual email sending you mean ?
  19. Add the following to the form. ><input type="radio" name="whoto" value="1" id="whoto1" checked="checked"> <label for="whoto1">Person 1</a><br><input type="radio" name="whoto" value="2" id="whoto2"> <label for="whoto2">Person 2</a><br><input type="radio" name="whoto" value="3" id="whoto3"> <label for="whoto3">Person 3</a><br><input type="radio" name="whoto" value="4" id="whoto4"> <label for="whoto4">Person 4</a><br><input type="radio" name="whoto" value="5" id="whoto5"> <label for="whoto5">Person 5</a><br> Then to the script we need to add something like > if (!isset($_POST['whoto'])) { header( "Location: $formurl" ); exit ; } $recipients = array( 1 => 'email@address1.com', 2 => 'email@address2.com', 3 => 'email@address3.com', 4 => 'email@address4.com', 5 => 'email@address5.com' ); $sendto = intval($_POST['whoto']); $mailto = (($sendto > 0) && ($sendto <= count($recipients)) ? $recipients[$sendto] : $mailto; Totally untested and you need to leave the current $mailto = '....'; bit in place as it uses that as a back up if someones playing silly buggers.
  20. Not only is the thread over 2 years old his answer wasn't really relevant as they are talking about the actual monitor when the question was about design.
  21. I have to admit that nearly every time I try and update one of my plugins it either fails or seems to get stuck in an infinite loop. I was wondering if it was because of the ownership applied to files created by PHP.
  22. If the weird text was about three or four characters it could be a mangled BOM header from the text editor. This can happen with some editors when saving file as UTF-8.
  23. Damn I just go to look and you have already removed the pages :|
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