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  1. Matra still having issues. Sent ticket in. My domain and email are still not working.


    www. orangeshoalsservicedirectory.org


    I had a similar issue with my forum not working. I checked the error log via cpanel and it turns out that they have changed something on the server so access to my forum was being blocked because it's permissions were set to 777.

  2. Well I submitted a ticket and have just spent an hour or two with some tech who got it in to their head that there was no issue because the emails are being received by the Gmail server with no errors :|


    I probably shouldn't of used the term blocked but pretty sure I didn't say that in my ticket. Just checked and my ticket clearly states that Gmail is now classing all email from matra as spam.

  3. The subject says it all. Gmail is now classing all email sent from matra server as spam.




    Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from matra.tchmachines.com are spam.


    So not sure if this is Gmail being overly touchy with their spam filtering of if someone on matra has been compromised.

  4. And here we are almost a year later and Fantastico is still offering Joomla 1.5 despite Joomla now actually being on version 3. It is because of Fantastico's refusal to keep thiings updated that we get people installing scripts with major security exploits in them.


    They are still offering SMF 2.0.2 but we are now on 2.0.4 with the last two updates being security patches.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to deal with this personally as well as the trust you have shown in me.


    This incident and the change you implemented has made me audit my webspace and I have deleted old scripts I no longer use as well as updaing some I wrote when I was still just learning PHP to sanitize all inputs. Whilst I don't think any of them were a risk the changes you have implemented have made me think safe is better than sorry.


    I would just like to say again that nearly all of my dealings with TCH staff have been professional and friendly. I would like to specially point out people like Andy who used to be your UK tech many years ago and would take the time to talk to me on messenger when I had problems. Thanks also go out to Dick, Bruce and Thomas for the help and intelligent forum input I have seen from them over the years.

  6. I've been a customer for many many years and have always found the staff professional and helpful but the member of staff I dealt with today just seemed to be a call center operator following the scripted responses from a screen in front of them without actually understanding the problem or listening to what I was saying. I don't want to go in to this publicly so would be grateful if a senior meber of staff could contact me.

  7. I'm running Aurora which is somewhere between a beta and a nightly so is currently Firefox 8. Firefox 7 is released on 27th at which point 8 becomes the beta, 9 becomes Aurora and 10 becomes a nightly.

  8. So the faster JavaScript engine and improved memory management in Firefox 7 is not enough to convince you?Not to mention the improved HTML5 and CSS3 support.

  9. Sygate was the best firewall I ever used but then Symantec bought the company. These days I just use my router and Windows firewall. You can set Windows firewall to block all outgoing connections unless you have allowed them and there is a program somewhere that pops up notifications to make it easier to monitor what is being blocked and to easily allow them. But as I don't download anything I think may be dodgy I really have no need to block outgoing connections just incoming.

  10. Probably for the best as form the sounds of the changelog the ads can be intrusive.


    Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Ads] Less ads for people who restart Trillian often

    13049 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Alerts] Better game detection code for alert based ads

    12990 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Alerts] Pop-Up Advertisement Notifications steal focus and cause instability with many full-screen 3D applications. Recommend disabling when trillian lacks focus.

    13005 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Window] Don't 'bulk up' systray ads

    13004 Kevin Kurtz FIXED [Message Window] If a window is not in focus, the ad click should not happen

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