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  1. Thanks for the quick reply Andy. I'm sending the e-mail from my present (default) address jqcotten@marcocable.com to the new account joel@videoarts-jc.com [incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.videoarts-jc.com] [Outgoing Mail Server (SM): mail.videoarts-jc.com]. I just checked Neomail and Outlook Express. Lo and behold, Neomail is now showing a days worth of email Test messages is sent yesterday. Did someone just throw a switch? I'm puzzled, but it appears to be working now.


    Thanks again Andy. I'll get back to you if I encounter any more problems.


    Joel Cotten


    Marco Island, Florida :)

  2. I'm now using a local ISP, but will be moving soon and will have to change my email address. I want to set up my email so I receive it at my TCH website www.videoarts-jc.com . I've set up a new account joel@videoarts-jc.com using cPanel and a new account on Outlook Express, but when I try to send an email using Outlook Express to that new address it does not appear in Neomail or Horde. What am I missing? Where is the email going? I need this working BEFORE I change the email address on my website. Thanks for your help.

  3. Thanks Matman. Your reply was helpful, which is more than I can say for TCH Tech Support. After an 8 hour wait I got basically nothing from them.


    I'm not a PHP programmer and this is my first experience with a Linux Web Server environment, but based on what you have told me I'll see what I can do with some help from PayPal. They have an active and responsive developer community. Thanks again for responding.

  4. I'm planning to put a PayPal shopping cart on my Web. The shopping cart "Buy" and "View Cart" icons are easy to create and consist of simple HTML on my products pages. I also want to include PayPal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) so it can "post" to a database on the server. I've created a MySQL database with a MyISAM table structure using PayPal provided variables (fields).


    To activate IPN, I need to enter the URL at which I want to receive the

    notification posts. After activation, the server will be sent notifications as a hidden "FORM POST" to the URL specified.


    Question #1: What URL should I use, the www site where my public

    web pages with the shopping cart resides, the CGI_BIN, or somewhere else? Can someone give me an idea what URL I should use, based on the above information?


    Question #2: Can anyone give me a hint how to proceed to link IPN

    transaction data to the MySQL database I created on the server? Has anyone done this already?


    BTW: TCH rejected this as a ticket item because "they do not assist with code." I'm not asking for help with coding. The question is where should I put code and how to link PayPal-generated script with a server-resident database.

  5. I'm a new TCH subscriber. FTP instructions indicate that "files for public access must be uploaded to the public_html directory". There is no such directory at my domain. Where is it? I want to publish my FrontPage 2002 Web pages. Where do I publish them? I also want to disable public access until I'm ready. How do I do that?

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