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  1. ok tec gurl is at it again....I have 2 sub domains set up... one has no problem accessing thru FTP .... ftp.myaccount.com sub1@myaccount.com passy..... the other however won't log on.... ftp.myaccount.com sub2@myaccount.com itspassy please help , I have been at this for hours and its not making any sense...

  2. Am trying to help a friend and the ftp will logon to her account but I can't get it to work with mine.... I can access the cpanel ... I cannot go through the browser ftp or my ftp (ace) ftp.h-acct.com user name = h-accth and passy is [edited out by borfast]... please help , I'm lost.... techtard gurl strikes again.... thank you....

  3. Great timing , I was just going to ask what type of blog is best if there is a best and where do I find this? So many questions ......hahahahhahaha I wish to start one so please point me in the right direction or any tiny scrap of info would be appreciated..... Tech Gurl is at it again! :D

  4. Ok tec tard gurl strikes again.....I made a subdomain.... Isle.... addy is http://isle.g-url.com that works.... my problem is I am trying to set a FTP up that will allow a person to go only to that folder and its just not working. I can go to a new one it made but not the one with cgi bin in it..... banging head on desk , I have been at this since last night...... help or I am going to use this for a fishing weight.... <_<

  5. Tec Tard Gurl strikes again...I have struggled with the counters provided by TC and so far Counters win I lose......I copy the code ...put it on my page and I get an error that the counter cannot be displayed......any suggestions guys? Also am I asking these questions in the right place? :)

  6. Help ....I can see my pages but others cannot......they are in the public_html but they don't pull up for other people......I can see then however .....any suggestions would be appreciated as I am pulling my hair out.......ohhh btw I love this place....

  7. I just purchased the silver (total excitment)...my question is I have a domain name parked at another place , and I purchased it as a private one....how do I get it over here and will it remain private or do I need to repay for that and will you do that for me....would it be the same cost to get a new domain name with you. Which is the best way to go...

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