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  1. I just celebrated my eighth anniversary as a Happy TCH Customer (there should be a trademark for that) with a new domain name and shared server. This one is the result of yet another person asking me for a recommendation of an ISP. As always, I simply said As usual, I am on the road and working from a laptop, but since the question came from my less computer savvy brother, I volunteered to acquire the resources and set up his website for him. (He owes me now.) However, I was surprised that the usually painless server acquisition process came to a screeching halt with a "Fraud Alert".
  2. Thanks, Thomas! That's what I wanted to know before I bothered the Help Desk with all the details. -Chip-
  3. After a decade of running from a colo, our professional association (Rexx Language Association http://www.rexxla.org) is considering moving to a managed host environment. I have had multiple TCH Starter Hosting accounts for years (two currently) and been very pleased with my cost/benefit ratio here. I would like to recommend a TCH account to RexxLA but there is one requirement that I can't tell if you could provide: our server (primarily listserver, web, mail, and a small amount of db) must be able to run ooRexx (http://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexx/) scripts. We can (and would prefer
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