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  1. They weren't always. The first site I registered with TCH cropped the username to 7 characters, the next was done randomly. You lose!
  2. I'm hoping its not one of these, as none sounds that appealing to me: I'm hoping for significantly increased disk size and bandwidth.. or maybe longer usernames (the "h" is cut off from Ripefish and my other webpage Spickle.com was made to riobssa for some reason).
  3. See Bruce, this is all your fault. Its been over 24 hours and my account still isn't set up (no phone call on my caller ID that I missed, either). Has TCH dropped the ball?! Oh my, the world will never know. Come on guys, don't let me down now, never have before!
  4. Okay, but I swear.. if its something for new signups only, or "free total account deletion!!".. I'm taking it out on you Bruce.
  5. What do you think it is? I'm just wondering if its something I should even wait to sign up about.. like if the plans are gonna change.
  6. Welp, I've been a member since August 2004. I think I'm satisfied enough with totalchoicehosting to move my other web page over, assuming this is a good announcement. Hoorah!
  7. Okay I was lying, I really just wanted to see the different versions of FireFox .
  8. Hey I was wondering if there are any plans to upgrade Awstats. My cpanel shows us using 6.2, latest version is 6.4. In versions before 6.3, a bug exist that allows people to view their logfiles. Also, would be nice because that gives us support for FireFox versions, which is rapidly becoming a widely used browser.
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