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  1. Kindly thanks for reply.I feel me actually guilty for such a stupid but afterl all human mistake.I could say that i'm advanced phpBB admin but sometime would to be fast done with testing or modify and then happen mistake. And searching through similair thread on the forum i found that it is furthermore not allowed at all to use mass email sending to the members of the board. So i've abonded project "Newsgroups".The idea behind was that member could subscribe for such a group and then receive news from board once a month but because of restriction from totalchoice regarding sending mails to m
  2. During testing of phpBB mail system today because of newsletter i send by accidence "test" email to all user instead only to myself. I saw it after 5 second and stopped whole process but probably some user did receive message. I would like to deep apologize Totachoice team and ask to forgive me. If it is needed to take a contact with helpdesk let me know. Thanks Edit: I did a send my apologize email to helpdesk
  3. Reading this whole thread one question come to my mind. Do you have guys maybe a plan to add another extra large webhosting plan for much more price or maybe upgrading of platinum plan with more bandwidth and diskspace for of course more price? Actually i do not have any problems at the moment but you never knows what future can brengt to you and $2.50 per month per Gigabyte is probably expensive solution for a lot of customers.
  4. I warn yesterday people on phpBB about new exploit and hope that they gonna to do something very soon. News is from securiteam and i'm not gonna to post all info's (there is whole code in C Source.Just first few sentence but i'm affraid that the news will be today or tommorow on all security site: phpBB is "a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package". Registering multiple users and performing malformed search queries using these users can be used to cause a DoS against the phpBB product Vulnerable Systems: * phpBB version 2.0.15 an
  5. I've already send my reply to support but it is question how long i'll wait. Every second count. About bounce mail via mail programs (it send mail back to sender as the mail does not exist) we need to know. Can we use it or not??? Using wonderful system from mailwasher to send back mail contain advertenties and viruses gave me a trouble right now. Frustrated and angry.I do not run joke site but seriosly site that actually fight and give help to people for having problems with viruses, spam, privacy etcetc... Grrrrrrrrrr............
  6. Every second that my site is down (suspended without any reason) make me angry (read MAD)!!!!
  7. I got message that my site has been suspended because Virus has been sent. I hope that someone can explain me very soon what's happend here . I do not use mail on server99 at all. Just check spam mail via mailwasher everyday and send bounce message (trick used by mailwasher as mail does not exist) to sender (today i did not use it at all). So please re-enable account and let me know what's happend here. I'm a surprised and big surprised. I need more info.This is not proffesional at all TCH Bill Hermonat. Thanks Still very angry.If i cant use bounce system with mailwasher the
  8. Make


    I got that script couldnt connect to whois server or simple empty response on traceroute? I would like to make it script available to visitors of my site because my site is a less of more related to networking, privacy etc... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It seems that nobody can tell me of server of firewall behind server block execution of script and connect to any "who is" server and performing traceroute?
  9. I thought about it, but unfortunately its about 100 pics, so I would hate to do it as well as the receiver would hate to rename them back, if there is an easier solution to find just this one pic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here you'll find tool that you need for renaiming: http://lists.gpick.com/pages/File_Rename_Tools.htm Good luck!
  10. Why do not try to rename picture to whatever.Example Tomas.txt, Tomas.ini or Tomas.rar. Then just let know recipient to rename it to Tomas.jpg.
  11. Make


    I got that script couldnt connect to whois server or simple empty response on traceroute? I would like to make it script available to visitors of my site because my site is a less of more related to networking, privacy etc...
  12. Make


    Is this disable on totalchoicehosting servers? I''ve installed one script and it seems that traceroute, whois, ping etc... does not works!? Is it true or is it error from my side? Thanks
  13. Thanks for help.Chmod to 444 done and editing done too.
  14. IS possible to show both IP and Hosts. If not then i would like to do it to show ip but how? I do not have access to config file of Awstats!?
  15. So i can install script and then if it start to use more resources only script will be disabled by hoster and i'll get notice about it without disabling my account? And what about Awstats and problem with hosts? Why not IP instead of hosts? Example myself who visited site very oft have 20703 visits and 446523 hits with only 336.08 MB bandwidth. So it is very import to have clear ip and not hosts. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> One bump!
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