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  1. This is a really nice color wheel-based tool that expands into several options, ie monochromatic, base + complement, base + neighbors, base + 2 complements - then it lets you tweak a few other settings. When you get where you want it displays the hex #s for you. I've been having fun with it for a few days, thought others might enjoy it, too. :D





    Thanks for taking the time to post this! just what I was looking for :)

  2. Difference between PayPal and a merchant account...


    - a merchant account charges a monthly fee, and a transaction fee per transaction. The monthly fee is regardless of use. PayPal does not charge a monthly fee for online transactions.


    - a merchant account will require you to have a SSL certificate. SSL security is included with PayPal



    Just a couple other things to consider in the cost process. I find PayPal is the best route for low volume (say less than $5000 to $10000 a month) activity versus a merchant account.


    good points re: PayPal

  3. I just looked at a couple other payment methods- and even down to 1.19% is high.

    One tenant of ours has 4 offices, and the rent is just shy of 4,000 a month. At 1.19% that'd be almost 50 bucks just to pay online.


    Is there a way to have a direct bank draft? I may have to contact our bank directly to see if they have options, but I thought I'd check here since I'd like for them to be able to pay online through our website.






    Hi Matt~

    This is a good question. I, too, would rather make money. I would like to suggest going to your bank and finding out about getting the payments deposited into your checking account, if possible. i.e.: direct deposit.

    I know that renters prefer at times to use credit cards. There's little to do there, as there will always be merchant services charges. Do a search for 'merchant services' and you come up with a variety to choose from. Scanning just now, I found one for 1.09%, there're probably better out there. I'll be doing my own search soon. Good luck in your hunt.


  4. Hey folks, here is an article on the steps needed to set up your storefront on the www. Some good info here...





    Thank you for taking the time to post this, every little bit helps. I'm just trying to figure out where to begin with this whole shopping cart stuff.

    I have the program via PDG Cart and just have to upload it... there's so much 'tadoo' about it... i've gotten cold feet. LOL.. but, youneverknownow, do ya?

    thanks again

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