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  1. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or T_NUM_STRING in /home/deathea/public_html/khaleel/html/userarea.php on line 76


    Line 76 Reads


    ><font face='Verdana' size='1'>Welcome Back <?php print $_SESSION['user']; 
         // Print out admin links
         if($_SESSION['permission'] > 1){
         <a href = 'modUser.php'>mod user</a>|<a href = 'delUser.php'>del user</a>|<?php


    I need help with this, can anyone help me please?

  2. If you upload a copy of the vbulletin.sql to the server.


    If the version numbers are the same - then just ask at the help desk for us to upload the sql file into the same database.


    If they are not the same version - ie you have updated it. Then ask us to upload it into a different database. You can then copy the relevant tables from one database to the other.


    Hello mate ive uploaded it now :) and its my /home directory. How do I ask and who do I ask to upload it in the same database?

  3. What do you need help with ?


    If you do not wish to cancel, I would suggest you close the ticket requesting us to cancel your account.

    I need to restore my vBulletin Forum, I have a fresh installation of vbulletin on my server, I have also the old backuo file (vbulletin.sql) I need to restore it :)

  4. CPanel is ***. I have tried this way 4 times with your team, Im trying to put my vBulletin forum from my old host back online, your domain transfer team and service has not even got back to my several emails. Cpanel restore process is not as successfull or decent when trying to restore the vBulletin Forum. If any of you have experience in restoring and doing this please let me know. SSH Access all I need to do is type three lines, securirty risk? How its a form, I will only need it for a short 5 mins, if anyone cannot do this im sorry I will have to cancel my account


    Kind regards



    Edited by TCH-Raul: These are family forums, please beahve accordingly. Post edited to remove foul word.

  5. Im thinking about getting my money back. I am not even allowed 1min of SSH Access - CPanel and phpmyadmin way of restoring a database is crap, I refuse to to upload the dump file to my home directory and post another ticket (4 times) tried this now and it does not work, SSH is the only way.


    if you terminate your receipt of Shared Hosting Services prior to the end of the first thirty (30) days of the Initial Term, you are entitled to a refund of the fees you paid in advance for the monthly Services, not including any setup fees.


    As it says on Termination Policy. So how do I go about contacting your billing department




  6. I have a domain from 123reg its only a domain (khaleel.co.uk) I would like it to goto my TCH account but to www.death-eater.net/khaleelfiles/

    I have access to those DNS pointers etc, but also I want it so that if someone right clicks an image it shows khaleel.co.uk/images/image.jpg rather than www.death-eater.net/khaleeldomanifiles/images/image.jpg is this possible?

  7. You would need to contact technical support at the domain registration/transfer page to determine the reason for the problem. You may also want to contact the current registrar to be sure a transfer is possible.

    I have contacted the current domain holder (webspaceuk) they have released it and made this possible.

    What is the email for the technical support team?

  8. Kaz, I think I know what you are asking.


    You have put in a request to transfer your domain to TCH and now what to buy a hosting package to use that domain.


    The answer should be "YES" you can purchase the hosting plan now and where it asks for the domain name to be used just enter the one you are transferring to TCH.


    If I am wrong as to what you asking, then I am confused like Thomas.  :)


    Yup got it first time round, Problem is it keep showing an error where the transfer bit is :(

  9. Can I buy a webspace account now? My old domain is being transfered via your system (even though when I click re-try transfer it says





    This transfer cannot be retried because it is not in an appropriate status.




    But Can I buy an account whilst im waiting? If yes, and the account is then created, can I add my domain onto it then (after its been transfered) or do I have to wait?


    Does this make sense?




  10. :) welcome to the forums Kaz!


    if your current host uses cpanel,

    you may be able to have the techs transfer your site for you,

    the cpanel trasfer works most of the time and will save you a lot of time.


    Thanks for the welcome guys :dance: Hmm I'll try going through your transfer system first, these family forums are friendly and a great way to get help - I will contact my host as a last resort - they can be really arogant about negative issues like this

  11. Im interested in buying one of your packages (which after a while of searching I find a bargain! :) ) I would like to transfer my old domain


    In this topic it quotes..


    You can also transfer your domain name to Total Choice Web Hosting, but there will be an extra fee involved.


    So whats the fee, and how do I go about doing this with you? I went to the secure order form, but there is no option to transfer it. Can anyone help?


    Sorry if its already been asked, but I could not find an answer.




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