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  1. Obviously, a new website knows it's domain name is propagated by simply verifiying that the site will display at a normal www address. But, in the case of a change of hosting service (changing to Total Choice), is there a way to absolutely confirm that propagation has occurred and the web files can be removed from the former host? In others, would not want to cause downtime by pre-mature removal of files from old host.

  2. Thanks for that info. I have downloaded both the forum folder and the MySQL Database Backup. The forum folder was about 1.61MB but the MySQL Database Backup was only 20KB in size. Does that sound right for the MySQL Database Backup?


    Edit: I see the cPanel for Backup also has an option for Full Backups. I guess that could have been an alternative procedure, or could be done in conjunction with the above steps, although it would be redundant as far as backing up of the bulletin board content. Does Full Backups include all html files for web pages, etc.? In other words, does it include all files in a website, including the bulletin board installed from cPanel?

  3. I have phpBB forum installed; I installed it from the cPanel. What folders/files would I need to back up in order to have a backup of the forum messages on my hard drive so that I could discontinue a forum but possibly restore it later, with the previously posted messages? Do I just need to backup the folder I created for my bulletin board content - in my case, bboard - when I installed it?

  4. If send an email to me@mysite.net, the mail just disappears. If I go to cPanel and access WebMail, the message is not there. As I understand it, me has to be the username issued to me when I set up my account with you, unless I've changed it (which I haven't). Is that right?

  5. If I go to cPanel and select Subdomains, exactly what do I need to enter in that first box, the one next the box showing my primary domain (the one I used when creating my account with Total Choice)? In other words, I need to enter the full name of the site I want to set up as a subdomain, including the tld, right? In other words, if I want to add site2.com to my primary domain, say site1.net, I would enter site2.com in that box? www is omitted, right?


    Seems like this is going to cause a rather odd URL for visitors to the subdomain site. Will they see site2.com/site1.net, or site1.net/site2.com, or what?


    Edit: Also, are DNS pointers (DNS3.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM and DNS4.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM), set up with the Registrar, the same for domains setup as subdomains as those set up as the main domain?

  6. If I go to my cPanel, select Add-on domains, and try to add a domain, I get a message saying something to the effect that this needs to be authorized or setup by the hosting service. What is the procedure for adding this capability to my account?

  7. I believe its this that you are looking for.  :)


    But I think there is a readme file included too.


    Thanks. The installation does not look as easy as I would hope. And, I noticed jhollin1138's comment that "I admit it; I couldn't figure out how to get it installed and gave up." I will dig into this deeper and see how it goes.

  8. Tom, thanks for the additional info. I think I'm going to make a minor change to what I did, based on your comment; I'm going to put the {SITENAME} back in the anchor tag.


    That text editor you mentioned, EditPad Pro, looks like a nice tool. I'll make a note of it.


    And, thanks for that last tip on phpBB.



  9. Actually, making the sitename that appears right at the top of the main forum a hyperlink would be acceptable. I found this coding in the .tpl file you mentioned:


    <span class="maintitle">{SITENAME}</span><br /><span class="gen">{SITE_DESCRIPTION}<br />  </span>


    I am not clear on the significance of the brackets, {}, used in this coding. It looks replacing SITENAME with a hyperlink to the home page would work. Can you tell me if I can just replace {SITENAME} or with an href tag containing the URL to the home page would work?


    If such a modification will work, I believe that would render the modification of the template file to change the SITENAME, via the forum control panel, unworkable. But, as long as I remember that I'm made this modification, I suppose this is not a problem.


    Thanks. I see it now. During a previous visit, I tried searching on TotalChoice Hosting and got no responses. After seeing your link, I tried the search again using only TotalChoice and got the info on their site.


    Edit: Correction: it was the link posted by Head Guru, http://www.hostingassured.findmyhosting.co...ils.htm?id=5330, that displays the info.

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