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  1. Just following referers.
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    Well, the best way to structure CPanel and the way it is structured may be two vastly different things, as I've discovered many times with other software packages and packaging systems that I've used over the years. And please remember that I have no particular CPanel experience to speak of beyond being a user.
  3. I'm not surprised about that. I think it would be a bad idea to give users direct access to creating/deleting databases in MySQL. From what I remember, it's basically a yes or no situation. Either you can, or you can't. And if you can, not only can you create your own databases, but you can also delete other people's databases. Besides, there needs to be a way to enfore the account_database formatting rule, so that level of access has to be solely in CPanel.
  4. If you can't do it through phpMyAdmin, you won't be able to do it through a seperate script. The permission to use GRANT lies with the database user, not with the script running as that user (if that makes any sense outside of my head )
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    I don't imagine it would be a problem to just upgrade phpMyAdmin to the new version. But when a new version of CPanel is released that makes use of the new phpMyAdmin, the upgrade could very well barf because the expected old version of phpMyAdmin is not there. Though, admittedly, to say I have very little experience with maintaining CPanel would be giving me too much credit.
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    I don't know for certain, but I'd bet the phpMyAdmin install is part of CPanel, so upgrading phpMyAdmin may be a little more complicated than just dropping in the new version.
  7. First, the standard MySQL question: did you use the correctly formatted username and databasename? (i.e. prepend 'accountname_') If so, I'm guessing the accounts setup through CPanel don't have permission to use the GRANT command.
  8. Did you try to login with just 'username' or 'username@domain'?
  9. After looking through the Mailman docs, there is no immediate way to do what you seem to want to do. However, there are ways around it. Mailman comes with a script, add_members, that will allow you to add email addresses to a mailing list (whether you can run that script or not, I have no idea). What you could do is write a custom CGI program to pull out the information you want to gather from your subscribers, and then pass on the address to the add_members script. Though it seems at the moment that you're not gathering much more than email addresses anyway. You can also edit the HTML that is displayed on your list subscribe page through Mailman's admin interface. I don't know what degree of control you have over how the data is collected from that page, but it's worth looking into. Is it safe to assume that you have figured out how to send to the mailing lists that Mailman creates? On an interesting side note, Mailman's future plans include things like using an actual database, instead of the hokey flat-files that are used now.
  10. That is odd. I know for a fact that the lists I've setup for my account are all public, and they aren't showing up on my listinfo page either (http://www.rayners.org/mailman/listinfo/). I have seen them show up in the past. Something to look into when I get a chance. As to the domain being tacked on at the end, that's just one of the side-effects of being on a shared server. It's the same type of reason that created email accounts have to login with username@domain.com instead of just username.
  11. That's a pretty broad question. Can you be a little more specific?
  12. rayners


    Looks good to me. I personally have never played with this, but it doesn't look wrong.
  13. rayners


    Off the top of my head, I'd say no. There may be a way to do local modifications, like .htaccess does with specific directories for apache. Update: Looks like you can do it in .htaccess. Take a look at the PHP documentation here: http://www.php.net/manual/en/configuration.changes.php
  14. Well, I have been itching for an app-level PHP project lately.
  15. We could always write our own. (famous last words...)
  16. No time was wasted. I'm glad I could help. I had the same problem myself when I first started here. I hadn't a clue why MT wouldn't install, until I started wandering through CPanel.
  17. I don't believe that was me. I'd be hard for me to call someone with 14 email addresses a lightweight, as I only regularly use about 5-6 (3 personal, and a couple from work because we've changed names so many times).
  18. I would never change email addresses. I only add more.
  19. If all else fails, make sure it's plugged in.
  20. After spending a couple minutes looking through the CPanel and PhpMyAdmin interfaces, it would appear you don't have any control over database users beyond turning on and off access to your databases. I imagine that's because of how MySQL works. If you have enough access to change users specific database permissions, you could probably do it to any user on the system. And considering you're probably on a shared server, that's not exactly a good idea.
  21. And you have explicitly given the username access to the database? CPanel doesn't set that up by default. Trips me up sometimes.
  22. How's this for a reply, eh? With the option I mentioned earlier checked to yes, it apparently automatically does the same thing as clicking the Track This Topic link in any given thread. I wonder why it's not working.
  23. I have my account setup to automatically track topics I have started or replied to ("Enable 'Email Notification' by default?" under Email Settings in My Controls). I have not had any problem receiving notification of replies.
  24. For any account other than your main TCH account, you'll have to login with the following format for the username: username@******
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