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  1. What specific steps did you take when you setup the Guestbook? I just installed it myself in my account to test it out, didn't change any of the settings, and it's working just fine so far.
  2. First, I'd suggest going into the file manager in CPanel (or through FTP) and changing the name of that image to cooltext7978563.jpg (i.e. get rid of that 2 at the end). That 2 on the end of the file name is going to confuse most browsers I imagine (at least it did with mine). Then you want to go and chance the IMG tag on your page to just: ><img src=cooltext7978563.jpg> And that should take care of the problem.
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    You certainly can. And there are plenty of free Perl/PHP and MySQL based forum software pages that you can chose from. phpBB Invision Board Ikonboard And many many more can be found at Hot Scripts. Hope that helps!
  4. Just click on the File Manager link on the upper left of the CPanel page.
  5. What permissions (i.e. the three numbers to the far right of the file) does mycounter.dat have?
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