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  1. Thanks Good point, too. Sleep deprivation obviouslw kikkng in...
  2. Hi there! I''m trying to test cron jobs, but when setting the time I have no idea what time it is on the server, and thus what time the cron tabs think it is. Is there any easy way to look this up? (I'm on server 93 btw) Cheers! silentz
  3. I would love to see a tutorial on how to keep folders synchronised automatically (possibly using a chron job?). I have a testing server and a secure server folder that I'm repeatedly having to synchronise manually by going into file manager, copying folder A to a temp folder, deleting folder B, renaming folder A to folder B it in temp, and then copying folder B back to folder A's original directory... It gets pretty messy and repetitive doing this EVERY TIME I make a change to folder A when all I need is for folder B's to always mirror it's contents. I'm sure that a tutorial on this would
  4. Thanks Dick, Much appreciated! I just wanted to add for anyone reading this post that these guys did an *amazing* job of helping me with this issue. If you want great customer support, TCH is the place to be.
  5. I'm not sure what you did, but it sure worked! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I was hoping to get a hint that would help me figure this out... I didn't expect someone to fix if for me?!! You guys rock! I chose to move to TCH specifically because our last host had terrible customer service, and you guys seemed much better. So far, I have to admit I'm blown away. May all your customer service challenges be small and your downtime minimal! Piers
  6. I'm having quite a time just moving my site over to TCH, as various scripts (osCOmmerce, Invision Powerboard etc) all create the mySQL databases with your user name in them. When you move to a different server, I've just found out about the need to "re-link" the copied installs to the mySQL files on the new server (and with a new file path). For example, in osCommerce I know you can go into catalogue/includes/configure.php and alter the database username, password and database name in there to get it to find the database with the new name. How you do this for Invision Powerboard I'm st
  7. Hi there! I'm just moving our site over to TCH which has been going fairly smoothly thanks to the fabulous help from Kris on instant chat, but am running into a challenge with moving Invision Power Board over. The my SQL database has been installed by Kris, I've copied across the whole folder where IVPB was installed to on my old server to one of the same name in our new server, but it just keeps coming up with: Now bear in mind that these exact same files are still working fine on my other server, so it's not a general coding issue. I'm guessing that I need to edit something in I
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