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  1. I'm a massive fan of MT. No particular reason why -- just adding my 2C -- but I'd rather use MT over WP any day.
  2. Thanks. : ) Should be taking more this weekend.
  3. I'd like to second this. Both Bill and Dick responded to a ticket of my boyfriend's last weekend, and our domain and hosting were both purchased and running before the night was over. Excellent service. Thanks, guys.
  4. I had the same problem, jcsfan. We sent in a support ticket stating the problem, and our new domain and hosting were up and running before the night was through. (Way to go on that by the way, guys!) A support ticket is your best bet, if you haven't sent one already.
  5. The database was exactly what I was forgetting. Thanks. : )
  6. I'm moving my blog to another domain and wish to completely remove MT from my current domain, because I'm going to create a simple photoblog with few bells and whistles. I'd rather uninstall MT completely than just continue using the same installation, as I've added and uploaded so many images and plugins that it's become really bloated. I've searched for thorough removal instructions, but all just suggest removing the images and cgi files. I know that there needs to be more to it than that.
  7. I'd hope that people were more mature than that, or I wouldn't have mentioned it at all.
  8. Thoughts on this? I think that this may open the floodgates, resulting in some people's lives being ruined by a newfound -- and false -- sense of freedom. Nothing is infallible.
  9. It's actually loading much faster now, for some reason. I'll send in a ticket about the original topic, though.
  10. I'm trying to access Cpanel to look at the logs, but it won't load for me. (Server 92 - every other site, including my other domain, loads perfectly.) I'm a bit skeptical as to whether this is a coincidence, as it was working perfectly last night.
  11. Yesterday, I posted a screencap of a news broadcast on my blog. I received a couple comments, so I know that it was there and that I didn't mess up somehow. Today, the image didn't show up. I went to the directory where I uploaded it, and it was gone. Not renamed (although I still couldn't have done that) - gone. So, someone deleted it. That someone wasn't me. Any ideas as to what logs or somesuch I could look at to see who did this? I'm changing my password and all that jazz, but I'd still like to know. I feel completely creeped out.
  12. This game allows you to "live your life over." Hardly deep or inspirational, but it's helped me to while away a couple hours while I'm stuck at home.
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